Kiehl’s bestselling face cream is on sale

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It’s more important than ever to take some time out to enjoy a little self care, which may mean perfecting our manicure or giving our skin a little TLC.

There’s nothing we love more , though, than finding a trusty moisturiser, which is lightweight, not oily and deeply hydrates skin all year long – and it’s even better when it’s on sale.

We’ve sifted through a vast array of skincare products that claim to rehydrate skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles – as some fine lines can be a sign our skin is dehydrated – and leave faces looking radiant.

There is one make-up bag essential that keeps cropping up on our radar – Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, which now has 20% off in Kiehl’s sale.

 Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is their top-rated product from customers with all skin types.

The Ultra Facial Cream moisturiser is Kiehl’s bestselling product, as 10 jars are sold globally per minute, a spokesperson for the brand has confirmed.

The Ultra Facial Cream was a huge hit when it first launched in 2006, and though the formula has been updated it’s still recognised as the ultimate hero skincare item 15 years later.

 Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Why we rate it
Not only does it have a lightweight texture, but it promises to hydrate the skin for up to 24 hours, thanks to its non-greasy formula, which contains Glacial Glycoprotein and Squalane.

The product has been tested in various conditions, from extreme cold in -4°C, and room temperature to extreme dry heat of 37.7°C, and has proven to replenish moisture loss in all situations, which is music to our ears.

Plus, it is suitable for all skin types – including those with sensitive skin.

The best part is the Ultra Facial Cream is now on sale. The 125ml tub has been slashed from £48 to £38.40, while the 50ml has been reduced from £28 to £22.40.

What the reviews say
It’s no wonder the beauty buy is hugely popular and flying off the shelves, as it has received glowing five star reviews, and been recommended by 96% of customers. Here’s what John Lewis shoppers have to say:

  • “Having used this product as part of my night routine I have immediately purchased another tub! This cream is very light but so provides so much needed hydration and vitamins to my face after a long day in the office. There is a reason why it is Kiehl’s number one selling face cream!”
  • “This cream has a lovely light texture that glides onto your skin, absorbing easily and leaving it feeling hydrated. A little goes a long way, this is my new favourite day cream!”
  • “Love this product! It’s so hydrating and soothing yet not greasy, it doesn’t sit on your skin, but sinks in. Great for a day cream. Will always be my go to cream.”
  • “Best moisturiser I’ve found. For years I looked for a cream that would help my sensitive, dry, dehydrated skin. This does it all.”
  • “Lovely moisturiser. Ive struggled with dry flaky skin and this completely eliminates this. A little goes a long way and my skin feels hydrated all day. Fantastic face cream.”

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