Long-term stay in the air-conditioned room to use what cosmetics are better for moisturizing cosmetics recommended

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In the hot summer, I believe that many of you are relying on the air conditioning to continue to live, but have you noticed that long-term stay in the air conditioning room under our skin will become dry and dehydrated, the lack of water on the face tight feeling is really a bit unpleasant it. This time we should do it? Don’t worry, here we will see what cosmetics can be used to help us lock the skin moisture and relieve the problem of dry skin dehydration.


Long-term stay in the air-conditioned room to use what cosmetics are better


Natureland aloe vera gel


Natureland is from Korea and was founded in 2009. Ltd. has a high reputation in Korea, and their aloe vera gel has a very good reputation in China.


Aloe Vera is a plant whose juice is rich in natural physiological water, minerals and lignin, and is highly permeable, reaching the deeper layers of the skin like a sponge, directly replenishing the skin with the water it needs.


Natureland Aloe Vera Gel contains 96% and 98% of Aloe Vera extract, natural and non-irritating, calming the skin! The texture is mild and non-sticky, fresh hydration and moisturizing, can effectively solve the problem of dry skin dehydration and other problems, help the skin lock moisture, summer stay in the air-conditioned room dry skin dehydration, use it will not go wrong.


Avène Soothing Spring Water




This once won the title of the best-selling star single product of the year Avène Soothing Spring Water, I believe we are not unfamiliar.


The ingredients are 100% natural, and the natural silica contained in the product can form a soothing, breathable protective film on the skin to reduce the stimulation of the external environment on the skin. The combination with the role of other trace elements can enhance skin tolerance, reduce sensitivity, so that the skin becomes smooth, delicate, pure, ideal for daily skin soothing and hydrating skin care, when you stay in the air-conditioned room feeling dry skin, you may want to try this hydrating spray.


Kiehl’s High Moisture Toner


This is the first time I’ve ever seen a skin toner that contains the highly refined moisturizing oil squalane extracted from olives, which is extremely compatible with the skin’s natural oils and is highly absorbent and makes the skin soft; secondly, this toner also adds the well-known avocado oil, which is a fruit oil with extremely effective moisturizing effects, and also makes the skin Soft and moisturizing apricot kernel oil that helps keep the skin translucent and delicate, etc. …… It is a great help for skin moisturizing effect, stay in the air conditioning room skin dehydration, take it out to spray a spray is more than suitable.


The above three are suitable for long-term stay in the air-conditioned room skin lack of moisture partners to use skin care products, you can according to their favorite and skin type, choose the right skin care products for themselves Oh.


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