Men must see | men’s skin care in autumn and winter is always small fresh meat, autumn skin care guide

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The cold wind blows in autumn and winter, and the skin begins to become dry gradually. Men should also do a good job in skin maintenance and master the best method of men’s skin care to keep you charming.


1,Men’s practical autumn Skin Care Secrets


(1) Regular exfoliation


If the old waste cutin is not updated and removed in time, it will affect the absorption of water and nutrients. Regular removal of old waste cutin can strengthen skin metabolism and help the absorption of skin care products, especially dry skin needs strong moisturizing power.


(2) The skin in autumn still needs some oil. Try to avoid too much oil on your face during the day, and moisturize your skin at night, which can make the skin less dry the next day.


men's skin care in autumn


(3) choose a mask that is suitable for skin to make skin calm, water and oil balance, and feel comfortable.


The best way to fight dry skin in autumn


Dry skin: enhance product moisture, lotion, cream, essence and so on are good choices, can help skin moisturize and enhance sebum protection.


Oily skin: replace the super cleansing products and oil control toner, which basically focus on refreshing and moisturizing, ignoring the links of oil control, so as to properly moisturize and protect the skin.


Mixed skin: refreshing and moisturizing in T-zone, moisturizing and moisturizing in cheeks, divisional care or product replacement through adjustment of dosage in two zones.


2,Shaving correctly


Men’s beards grow fast. Some people have very thick beards and need to shave and shave regularly. Shaving should be in the morning, because the face and epidermis are relaxed at this time.


Autumn men’s skin care method: choose high-quality and less irritating shaving cream, soap, mild shaving water and high-quality razor for him. Apply shaving cream for two minutes, soften the beard thoroughly, and then start shaving. This will avoid hurting the face


3,Pay attention to prevention


Men who often work and exercise outdoors should pay attention to sunscreen. Don’t forget to apply some sunscreen and cream above SPF15 to prevent skin sunburn. Experts believe that we should pay attention to skin sunscreen at any time. Although there is no hot summer sun in autumn, it is dry and windy, sunny days, less clouds and strong ultraviolet rays. Therefore, sunscreen products should also be used in autumn.


4,Keep massaging your face


Massage can make the aging cells on the surface of the skin fall off in time, promote facial blood circulation, improve skin respiration, use the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands to increase skin nutrition and improve the vitality of deep skin cells, so as to make the skin shiny and elastic.


Autumn men’s skin care method: After cleansing every night, help him with facial massage. The method is: first apply some massage cream on the face, and then massage with your fingers in circles from bottom to top along the texture of the facial skin, for about 10 minutes each time. After massage, wash and dry with clean water and apply astringent water.

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