Obviously I besmear bask in the sun, how still turn black?

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Here, let’s help you figure out why.


As fans know, we often say you need to apply a quarter’s worth of sunscreen. Do you really do that?


The face usually needs to be applied


① The size of a yuan RMB


② or two finger units


In fact, if you don’t apply enough sunscreen, your protection from the sun can be drastically reduced! This ah, brought about you in invalid prevent bask in, finally imperceptible black……


And!!! Sunscreen is not enough to go out in the morning. In general, we recommend that you fill for 2 ~ 3 hours once.


Because sweat, face gives oil, with the hand scratched scratched face, even the friction of clothes to the skin, can destroy the protection force that basks in.


If it is a normal commute, by the end of the day, often a lot of sun protection has fallen off. Not to mention going on a wild trip, playing on the beach or doing military training in the hot sun!


So what else can we do to make it easier to get a tan, even if we sometimes forget to apply it?


This pair of moves, let you a summer than others less black several degrees! What is the specific principle, you can go on to see ~






Choose one with more protection


A more durable, long-lasting sunscreen


Common saying says, white bask in first, resist old bask in first. To improve the efficiency of sunscreen, it is important to choose a strong, long-lasting sunscreen.


Strategy 2:


Before daub basks in bask in, use antioxidant essence base


Reduce uv damage to skin


It also brightens and moisturizes the skin


The uv rays in the sun are strong, and if the sunscreen is not applied enough or applied quickly, the uv rays can still get through to the skin.


These unabsorbed uv rays can cause an excess of “free radicals” in the skin.


Think of these free radicals as naughty children left alone. They can wreak havoc on healthy skin, leaving us with dull skin and fine dry lines.


In conclusion, free radicals caused by ultraviolet light are one of the important causes of skin aging and blackening.

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