Prevent bask in not in place, color spot, wrinkle visit ahead of schedule, teach you how to undertake summer whitening bask in

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What is beauty? Eyebrow like catkins exhibition, eyes such as blue water mei. Skin if ice muscle fat, body tilt posture. Among them if the skin coags fat is to describe the skin white, summer arrived, who does not want to wear a small skirt to show white skin? But the sun, free radicals and so on can attack healthy skin.


Sorching summer is about to come, ultraviolet ray will with more hot lethality, make skin sunburn, sunburn. The worst is that sunscreen is not in place, color spots, wrinkles visit ahead of time. So how to prevent sun protection?


1.Replenish water: Replenish water before sunning to balance water and oil and relieve dryness


Prevent bask in not in place, can bring about cutin moisture to evaporate, the skin feels thick and dry. In order to avoid being exposed to the sun outside and make the skin deflated, in the morning, give the skin to drink water. The keratinocyte is filled with moisture, the skin is exquisite and smooth, no longer afraid of dry wrinkles.




2.Whitening essence: whitening ingredients imported, deep whitening


Sunscreen can protect your skin from sunburn, but it doesn’t completely prevent tanning. Accordingly, whitening essence also should be used. Use whitening essence with whitening ingredients, such as salicylic acid, 377, arbutin, etc., to effectively inject whitening ingredients into the inner layer of skin, so that the whitening ingredients can play a better role. Sunscreen outside, whitening inside, double efficacy, to get twice the result with half the effort.


3.Moisturizing lotion: Covers the skin surface, whitening and moisturizing all day


At the end of the skin care step, we need to finish with a moisturizing lotion, which effectively coats the surface of the skin with the previous active ingredients, increasing the time and effectiveness of the ingredients. Moisturizing products can also replenish water to the skin, keeping skin soft and transparent.


4.Sunscreen: Prevent stains and wrinkles from coming


Ultraviolet ray is very harmful, which can be divided into UVA and UVB two kinds, UVB will be blocked by the epidermis, they make the skin tan, if exposed to the sun for a long time, UVB will also cause sunburn, such as skin burns and other symptoms. Uva is more penetrating than UVB and can penetrate deep into the dermis, causing permanent degeneration of collagen and elastic fibers: the skin loses firmness and elasticity, resulting in premature aging.


Accordingly, before going out omni-direction daub is sunblock, add sunshade, hat, prevent the equipment such as clothes, dark glasses, insulate ultraviolet ray outside the skin, prevent the skin to grow ahead of time to give color spot, wrinkle.

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