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After wearing masks for nearly a year, some people’s faces seem to be “overwhelmed”, while others are still experiencing good and bad skin conditions. Entering winter, dry weather has worsened the problem of “mask face”. In recent years, the skin care products “produced” by the dermatology department of many large third-class a hospitals are well known, and are praised as “Internet celebrity skin care products” on social media, with a large number of customers.


When the temperature is low and the air is dry, the function of the skin barrier is easily impaired, and the skin will be dehydrated, which will cause desquaking and even allergic tingling. So, in this season, everyone can change slowly suit qiu Winter skin care products.


Step 1: Winter air is dry, it is very important to choose a suitable, and not too thick cream products. Please note that the key word here is “not too heavy,” because too heavy creams can overload the skin, clogging pores and forming pimples. For frequent acne invasion of small partners, often accompanied by oily skin or mixed skin, in winter to prevent the occurrence of dry oil tingling phenomenon (the state of dry oil), you can add a cream to achieve lock water moisturizing and water oil balance. In other seasons other than winter, you can avoid face cream.


Step 2: Apply facial mask in winter. Autumn winter skin is dry, still can achieve the effect that protects wet through frequently apply facial mask.


Step 3: Skin care products are essential: moisturizing + repairing the skin barrier. For the choice of skin care products, you can choose hyaluronic acid, ceramide, squalane and other moisturizing function is relatively strong skin care products that can repair the skin barrier.


skin care


Of course, consider your skin type:


Dryness: This type of skin lacks oil and is prone to dryness, resulting in tightness, wrinkles and pigment. It needs moisturizing to prevent skin aging and pigment formation. It should be noted that such people can wash their faces with clean water and reduce the use of alkaline substances to wash their faces.


Do not over clean (go to dead skin), lest damage skin barrier, protect wet very important, the cream that uses oil to pack water type to protect skin to taste commonly, had better contain the wet agent of good protect wet effect, be like ceramide, hyaluronic acid, collagen, natural oil (olive oil), can moisten skin deeply. You can always keep a moisturizing spray.


Neutral: this is the most ideal skin, can choose skin care products range is larger, in order to moisturize the basis, appropriate oil or white. Depending on the season, different products can be used for this type of skin. The milk that chun xia can use water bag oil, dew kind more relaxed moist skin is tasted, qiu dong can use oil bag water to protect wet frost kind moist skin is tasted.


Oily: oily skin secrete more sebum, pore group is large, prone to acne, so it is particularly important to keep the skin clean and inhibit excessive sebum.


It should be noted that although oily skin is oily, most of it lacks water, so it should pay more attention to moisturizing at the same time. Oily skin can use neutral or moderate weak alkaline and moisturizing cleansing agent, wash your face times should not be too much, excessive cleaning will stimulate sebaceous gland secretion more exuberant, resulting in a vicious cycle. Moisturizing the choice has the function of oil control moisturizing water oil emulsion, gel, should not use cosmetics too much, so as not to aggravate greasy and pore blockage, to understand that sometimes “less is more”.


Mixed type: refer to dry and oily.


Step 4: Sunscreen in winter. The most important part of skin care is cleaning, moisturizing and sunscreen. Winter ultraviolet ray does not have so strong, but prevent bask in the job same cannot lack.


A lot of people who love beauty will use a variety of “magic objects”, so we have sorted out the questions that are consulted more:


Question 1: Are various household beauty instruments useful?


There are many kinds of tension products on the market, but also many beauty people want to start. In the dermatologist’s view, one price is not cheap, two may not be able to adhere to, afraid of improper use into sensitive muscle. For example, electro-optical rf products that use too much energy and frequency can impair skin barrier function and lead to increased percutaneous moisture loss. If you don’t do a good job of repair and replenishment, it will backfire. Secondly, in case of improper operation, strong friction, but deepen the generation of wrinkles or unnecessary photoelectric damage.


Of course, if you feel that their technology is professional enough, can insist, and the price can accept, and do a good job of scientific skin care, moisturizing and sunscreen work, but also has a certain role, after all, accumulate over a long period of time, perseverance, also can drip through a stone.


Question 2: brush acid, is everybody ok?


Let me start with a conclusion: not everyone is suitable for acid brushing!


At present, the most commonly used acids are fruit acid, salicylic acid and mixed acid (20% fruit acid +10% salicylic acid). For sensitive skin or rose acne, acid irritation may be greater. Supramolecular salicylic acid has a certain bidirectional regulation and anti-inflammatory effect, and its safety will be slightly higher. It should be reminded that the brush acid must follow the doctor’s advice, not blindly at home to brush acid, must come to the hospital to the doctor to evaluate the skin condition, whether it is appropriate.


There are a few people who can’t do brush acid: For people who are allergic to brush acid, current face with bacteria or virus infectious skin diseases (such as herpes simplex, verruca vulgaris, etc), immunodeficiency disease, after six months of oral drugs, vitamin A acid are oral anticoagulant drugs or smoking, recently received radiotherapy, the recent local do on performer, local treatment of frozen within six months, pregnant women, etc.


Note after brushing acid: in short, sunscreen and moisturizing! Use a moisturizing repair dressing/mask for 3-5 consecutive days after acid brushing, with SPF no less than SPF30 PA++ sunscreen to prevent dark skin due to ultraviolet light, avoid using with exfoliators and deep cleansing products, and avoid high temperature environments such as hot springs, saunas, etc. for 7 days after acid brushing; After brushing acid avoid spicy stimulation, avoid excessive drinking.


Question 3: How to say goodbye to acne?


To achieve this, consulting a doctor is naturally the safest and most effective way to treat acne muscles. It should also be noted that skin state is related to diet, sleep, mood, proper skin care (sunscreen and moisturizing), and weight loss.


When it comes to eating, remember three things: eat less sweets; Drink less milk, especially skim milk; Eat less greasy food. Keep enough sleep on weekdays to avoid staying up late; Stay happy and learn to de-stress. As for weight loss, we advocate scientific fitness, and weight loss can reduce insulin resistance, which can improve acne.


The so-called correct skin care, it is advocated to use oil control, cutin dissolution or peeling, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and skin barrier repair skin care products.


Question 4: is the skin care product of plant composition useful?


Many brands of skin care products are based on plant-based ingredients, and are judged by the nature and efficacy of the skin. Such as Centella asiatica, marigold, rose, purslanth, grape seeds, shita butter, aloe vera, they have anti-inflammatory, light spot, moisturizing, brightening skin tone and other effects, but also a lot of big brands, including medical skin care products are used in plant-containing formula.


Of course, essential oil of some natural plants should be used with caution, use after needing emulsification above all, cannot go up directly face. Natural vegetable oils, such as grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil, sesame seed oil, sunflower seed oil, etc. are also commonly used in skin care at present. But for their own skin with seborrheic dermatitis, it is recommended to say goodbye to oil products, sealing too strong to induce rash.

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