Regret knowing these slimming tips to have a small V face in 2 weeks, so annoying

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Often because of their own face is too big, and friends together when looking at their palm face, look in the mirror and then look at myself, immediately unhappy, so began to try a variety of methods, but always the effect is not so great, and then found two methods of slimming the face, the effect is quite good, but pay attention to persistence, the good thing is simple, one of the methods, no massage thin face exercise, completed in just 5 minutes!


In the introduction of thin face method before, first understand what face type you are?
Edema face: most of them are in the morning after waking up, press with the fingertips, there will be depressions, will not immediately recover.

Bite muscle type: after clenching your teeth, there is a hard lump protruding from both sides is the bite muscle

Fat face: lightly pinch with your fingers to a lot of flesh, baby fat is also considered

Face slimming methods for fat face types


1,Fat face.

Diet: you can eat more fruit, bananas, spinach, celery can slim your face, do not drink water after ten o’clock at night

Massage: index finger middle finger flexed, knuckle clenched chin, from the chin to pull the ear heel


2,Thin bite muscle.

Diet: eat less hard food, such as betel nut, chewing gum, beef jerky no longer eat, eat to chew on both sides
Massage: press more bite muscle, aerobic exercise. Yoga Running to understand


3,Edema face.

Diet: do not drink water after 10 p.m., eat lightly.
Massage: the best effect of thin face mask


Face slimming techniques


Apply to all face types of thin face exercise 1.

STEP1: Apply some massage oil on your face to reduce friction, otherwise a set of actions down, your face will be hot to red. I used my baby’s touch oil.

Regret knowing these slimming face tips, let me 2 weeks to have a small V face, really annoying

STEP2: 2 fingers back hook from behind the ear to the clavicle position lateral massage, here the strength is greater, left and right synchronization 15 times a group, can play the function of lymphatic detoxification

I regret knowing these slimming techniques, let me have a small V face in 2 weeks, really annoying

STEP3: 2 fingers back hook from the nose to the cheekbones on both sides of the last stretch to the temple, also 15 times a group

Regret knowing these techniques to slim the face, so I have 2 weeks to have a small V-face, really annoying

STEP4: bite muscle position is the focus of the massage oil in the palm of the hand after rubbing hot with the root of the palm massage in a circle, my bite muscle is relatively large so I usually do 20 times a group

I regret knowing these slimming techniques, so I have 2 weeks to have a small V face, really annoying

STEP5: finally mouth inhalation, and then puff action to adhere to 15 seconds / group, do 10 groups

The whole set of movements is also about 20 minutes or so.


Face slimming exercises for all face shapes 2.
No need to massage the slimming face method, only 5 minutes

1、Mouth opening and closing

Open your mouth wide into an O-shape, then close it up and purse it into a slit, and finally put your chin together and lift it upwards, do it 10 times!


2、Kiss the ceiling

Raise your head upwards, pout and kiss the ceiling, try to pout to the highest, hold for 10 seconds, do 10 times


3, the tip of the tongue to find the nose

Stick out your tongue, move your tongue as much as possible, touch your nose with the tip of your tongue, hold for 5 seconds, do 10 times


4、Play cute

Hands clenched fist against the chin, then mouth slightly open and close, always let the hands against the chin, do 15 times


5、Activate the tongue

Close the mouth, the tip of the tongue inside the mouth. Up, right, down, left order, clockwise massage the inner corners of the mouth, do 10 times


The above two kinds of thin face exercises can be done at the same time, the effect will be faster, you can also pick one of them, the second thin face exercises will be slower, but suitable for the fairies who have little time, but also relatively simple.

The face is thin in persistence, fairies want to have a small V face, must persist in oh!

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