Save tired skin from aging problems

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A let many women are very concerned about the beauty problem “early old”, early old sometimes not only because of psychological cause, in the pace of busy life, the pace of aging will also move us. How can we refuse the emergence of old problems, the three steps of skin care step can not be forgotten.


Step 1: Clean


Cleaning is the first step of all maintenance steps, only the cleaning work is done thoroughly, follow-up maintenance can achieve due effect, at the same time for the supermodel often makeup, thorough makeup will be washed without residual, but also to avoid allergic acne and other problems necessary homework.


Discharge makeup oil is the first choice of cleanness thick makeup


Perhaps deal with weekday light makeup you can use wash discharge 2 in one product, but to thick makeup and modelling use color makeup, professional discharge makeup product is absolutely indispensable. Discharge makeup oil is the first choice of clean thick makeup, a lot of people are not unfamiliar to discharge makeup oil, but there are also a few small points to notice in the use process.


Discharge makeup oil uses small skill


1,Keep your hands and face dry when using makeup remover, so as to fully dissolve makeup with makeup remover;


2,When gently rubbing the skin with makeup remover oil, pay attention to the uniform force and make a circular motion;


3, more critical is the next emulsification process, when the water contact makeup remover oil will produce emulsification reaction, help us to remove the oil and makeup together. But should notice emulsification to want thoroughly in this process, incomplete emulsification can affect the effect of discharge makeup more than, residual oil fraction still can adsorb block pore on skin, at the same time hinder follow-up to maintain the absorption of the product, make expensive maintain product effect is greatly reduced.




Step 2: Fix


Under the skin of stress, we should want to establish the strong and tough mechanism of the skin, so as to accelerate the repair of the damage that daytime skin gets, and when it comes to repair, nature is not essence.


While we say that the skin has a strong survival instinct, ready to produce new cells to repair itself quickly, so it’s not so hard to fight off skin problems when you’re younger, but as you get older and hold on to makeup a little longer, dryness and fine lines all come out. As long as your skin is healthy enough, it can cope with the external threats of stress. But to let the essence of the repair power on the skin, need to persevere.


Repair collagen


30 years old marks the life to enter a new stage, but the skin may not be with you unified pace, daily maintenance homework begins to show due effect at this time, compared with peers perhaps you are younger, even compared with their own age, skin also has more youthful muscle age. Type repair essence is in view of the skin has lost its vitality, to stimulate their young energy, make the skin independent release a steady stream of repair instinct, active set up free radicals, promote cell renewal, makes the skin return to full health status, to maintain focus on repair itself energy of skin, let skin with resilient against bad environment.


Step 3: Nourish


The dry and cold environment in winter makes the occasional dry fine lines of the skin will last longer. Supermodels are also very important for the use of facial expressions in modeling. These facial expressions will also aggravate the grain problems.


Anti-aging face cream will be at this point, in addition to deep moisture skin, peptide and other ingredients can also stimulate skin collagen generation, timely smoothing lines. In order to relieve the tension of high-pressure work and completely relax the body and mind, the amount of use can be slightly more than usual, supplemented by massage to achieve the best effect.


Creams use a little trick


Step1: Relax your neck, take a deep breath, lower your head and close your eyes. Put an appropriate amount of the cream on your palm, apply it to your whole face from inside out and lift your neck.


Step2: relax a hand next, make a fist gently, press a face from inside to outside with hand joint back, have the effect of remodel outline.


Step3: repeat same action with palm thenar ministry finally, press moderately to face frost is absorbed completely.

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