Skin care misunderstandings | 4 common misunderstandings of face washing, how much did you use

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Washing your face is a little skin care thing you do every day, but many people fall into invisible misunderstandings, even sisters with rich skin care experience are no exception. Today, nikisho will share with you the Four Misunderstandings of washing your face. Let’s have a look.


Misunderstanding of face washing: Facial Cleanser directly on the face


There are also some serious problems in facial cleanser. Many people are used to applying facial cleanser directly to their face. This practice is very harmful to the skin. The concentration of facial cleanser without bubble dilution is very high, and directly applying it to their face will stimulate the skin. The right way is to apply the cleansing milk to the palm of the hand, then hand out the foam and then face up. To be more refined, you can use a special foaming net, or you can try it.


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Misunderstanding of washing face 2: natural air drying after washing face


Some people think that natural air drying can make the water stay on the face for a longer time and replenish moisture. In fact, not only will it not replenish and moisturize more, but the slow evaporation of water will make the face drier. Because when natural air drying, water evaporation will take away the heat of the face and reduce the skin temperature, so as to stimulate the skin vasoconstriction, slow the blood flow, reduce the nutrition of the skin, and the skin will become dry.


Three misunderstandings of face washing: frequent use of makeup remover


The main components of makeup remover oil are oil and emulsifier. After using cosmetics such as foundation, the use of cleansing oil will be easy and thorough. Although makeup remover oil can deeply clean the skin, some people will have maladjustment symptoms such as acne and inflammation, because the oily components in makeup remover oil are complex. In order to reduce unnecessary irritation to the skin, it is better to use makeup remover when making up heavily. If you must use it every day, you must choose a makeup remover suitable for your skin, and then wash it with facial cleanser or Sumei amino acid cleanser.


Wash your face misunderstanding 4: wipe your face with a towel


Wipe your face with a wet towel, which is the habit of many people since childhood. It seems that only in this way can you wash your face clean. But the face is not an elbow. I can’t stand rubbing hard. Always wipe your face with a towel. Over time, your skin will become thinner and more sensitive. In particular, the prominent part of the cheekbone is likely to have tingling and even long spots.


Have you seen the above four common misunderstandings of face washing? In terms of skin care, washing your face is the simplest method, but it is also the most error prone. As the first step of skin care, face washing often directly affects the subsequent skin care and maintenance.


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