Summer battle, start with sunscreen!

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Wear sunscreen clothes hot into a dog, do not wear sunscreen clothes black charcoal, holding the air conditioning blow all over cramps, turn off the air conditioning and like sauna good season. The hot summer is the most afraid to go out, the hot sun is very uncomfortable, the beautiful girls are afraid to go out. So how can you do a good job in sunscreen? Use both physical and chemical sunscreen! Why do you say that? Read on!


How to judge sunscreen effect


When you buy a sun protection product, the most important thing you care about is its sun protection effect, which is called SPF (sun protection factor) and PA (sun protection index).


SPF is determined by the lowest dose of erythema on the skin. Redness of the skin after sun exposure, known medically as “erythema”, is the least severe reaction of the skin to sun exposure. The lowest dose of erythema is the shortest sun exposure time for erythema to appear on the skin. The higher the SPF, the longer the protection time. If you choose an SPF20 sunscreen, your safe exposure time is 15×20=300 minutes.


PA refers to the measure of effectiveness in preventing UVA. The defense effect is divided into three levels: PA+, PA++, and PA++. PA+ means effective, PA++ means quite effective, and PA+++ means very effective. Good bask in the product to want both give attention to, can resist UVB, also can block UVA. However, the higher the SPF value and PA protection level, the greater the irritation, and the more unsafe factors. Therefore, consumers should choose according to the sun exposure situation appropriate protection strength bask in the product.


Sunscreen Selection


For indoor work, it is recommended to choose SPF10, PA+ sunscreen cosmetics. If we go out everyday, we can choose SPF15 to SPF30. PA+ sunscreen products, 20 minutes before going out about the smear evenly, every 2-3 hours to wipe. For outdoor sports, choose spf30-50; PA+++ sunscreen products, every 2-3 hours to wipe.




Use sunscreen products should pay attention


1.Daub time: apply sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before going out, so that it has been evenly and tightly attached to the skin surface when going out.


2.daub amount: daub sunscreen product to ensure sufficient amount, under normal circumstances, product dosage reaches 2mg/cm² to the sun protection level marked on the label, in addition, every 2 hours can be redaub.


3.Application method: When applying sunscreen products, you should pat them gently, do not rub back and forth, let alone massage them vigorously, in case the powder sunscreen in the products is deeply pressed into skin lines or pores, resulting in blockage of pores and difficult cleaning.


Of course, the first is sunscreen umbrella, now the street girls hand an umbrella, but to choose an excellent sunscreen umbrella needs to do a good job oh


1.UPF value (UV protection factor) : The sun protection effect increases with UPF value. UPF30 has 95% UV filtering, which is enough for daily use, so the quality of sunscreen is guaranteed.


2.Umbrella fabric: non-adhesive umbrella fabric is thinner, but this kind of umbrella fabric through UV filtering technology, sunscreen ability is not inferior; The glue coated umbrella cloth has black glue, silver glue, etc., which is not easy to fall off, and has the effect of heat insulation while shading.


3.Color: Very hot fried vinyl is not necessarily the first choice! However, dark umbrellas are better at shading than light umbrellas. In addition, the reason why the price of color glue sunshade umbrella will be higher than that of vinyl sunshade, mainly because the production cost of color glue is higher, and more attention is paid to beauty.


Ordinary clothing can’t beat sun protection, but it can’t really beat sun protective clothing. What really can beat out sun-protective clothing, typically, is adding some protective materials to the clothing to increase its ability to protect against ultraviolet light. If you need to buy sun-protective clothing, make sure that there is no UPF>40 on the clothing, if there is, is really qualified sun-protective clothing.


1.UPF value: the higher the value, the better the sun protection ability.


2.Fabric: other conditions are the same, uv protection ability: polyester > nylon > viscose fiber.


3.Color: the effect of dark system is better than light system.


You think the bald girl is just staying up late and perming her hair? Wrong, strong ultraviolet light can destroy hair structure, accelerate protein loss. So the hair after insolation is dry and yellow, make the hair fall out. Isn’t it very! Can be! Be afraid! ? That’s the doctor’s conclusion. I’m not being alarmist.


1.UPF value: the higher the value, the better the sun protection ability.


2.Fabric: the fabric is close and uniform, in order to prevent the sun in place with air permeability


3.Brim: wide brim cover area is larger, give consideration to neck, chin and other parts


Protected from head to toe, but ignored the exposed arm? The fairy with the arm color is not delicate yo.


1.UPF value: the higher the value, the better the sun protection ability.


2.Color: overall, dark system is better than light system. Black > white > lighter color.

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