The correct use of eye mask, eye mask skin care skills, pay attention to these 7 details

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With the passage of time, there are inevitably traces of time left on the face, and the skin around the eyes is the first part to reveal the secret of age. The use of eye mask can moisturize the eye skin, and the first aid effect is better. Here are some ways to use eye mask correctly. Let’s have a look.


Not long ago, I went back to my hometown and met many good friends. I chatted very late. I hurried home in the middle of the night and used the luxury Fucus light tattooed eye mask. The next day, I found that my eyes were not swollen at all! It must be said that the first aid effect of eye mask is really strong, but the skills of eye mask skin care still need to pay attention to details.


eye mask


1,Before applying the eye mask, thoroughly clean the skin around the eyes, remove the eye makeup first, and then apply the eye mask.


2,In summer, the eye mask can be stored in the refrigerator. The cold eye mask can completely relax the puffy eyes.


3,Hot compress before applying. Many colloidal eye masks release active ingredients by virtue of body temperature. Apply a warm towel to the eyes for 5-10 seconds (repeat three times) 5-10 seconds before applying the eye mask, so that the circulation around the eyes is good and the effect of the eye mask is doubled!


4,Choose the right time to apply eye mask. One week after the physiological cycle, estrogen secretion is strong, and the effect of applying eye mask is the best; When taking a bath, you can also speed up the circulation by borrowing hot gas; Before going to bed, let nutrients work.


5, smear the eye mask, the essence can not be wasted. After the eye mask is used up, if you are afraid of waste, you can apply it on your neck.


6,The eye mask does not need to be applied every day. The eye mask is an “emergency” product. If the skin around the eyes is in poor condition, you can use the eye mask for intensive maintenance for one week, and then twice a week.


7,Eye mask is the best care product for insomnia at night! When you can’t sleep, when surfing the Internet or watching TV, don’t forget to apply eye mask on the way, which can make your eyes more charming the next day.


Have you learned the correct use of eye mask and pay attention to details?

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