The correct use sequence of skin care water, lotion, cream and essence should never be mistaken again.

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1.Choose skin care products


First, choose a set of skin care products suitable for yourself. There are many kinds of skin care brands now. You can’t buy them blindly. You must choose one suitable for your skin type and age. After you buy it, you should test whether you are allergic behind your ears before you can use it.




Because we have to face all kinds of pollution, dust and radiation every day, cleansing is very important. Once a day in the morning and evening, it is best not to stay on the face for more than 2 minutes


3.Use lotion


There are three kinds of make-up water: toner, firming water and softening water. Choose one according to your skin type. Generally, use toner, take an appropriate amount of toner, pour it on your finger abdomen and pat your face until it is absorbed by the skin.


skin care products


4.Use eye cream


Many partners ignore eye cream and have not even used eye cream, because they have misunderstood eye cream and think that it is not necessary to use it before they are old. This view is wrong. As long as you are 18 years old, you can start using eye cream. After toner, take an appropriate amount of eye cream, apply it around your eyes, and massage gently according to the above figure until it is absorbed by your eyes.


5.use essence


The essence is really important after the cream is used before the lotion. The cream is very important, because the water cream can not penetrate the base layer and use the toner, smear it on the face until it is absorbed.


6.use emulsion


Use refreshing for oily skin and moisturizing for dry skin. The emulsion is also gently pat until it is completely absorbed by the skin.


7.use face cream.


Facial cream is usually used after water emulsion. It has the effect of locking water. It has a locking effect on skin care before. This must be used, otherwise the effect before it will be discounted.


For skin care, expensive is not necessarily the best, the key must be suitable for yourself.

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