The “lady’s Cream” worth using at 30: Shiseido anti-wrinkle, Lancome the lightest, FR firm

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Creams and essences are the core of every product line, so for a 20-something girl, most of the time it’s not pasta cream. After all, he’s a good age and has collagen all over his face. But after 30 years old, our skin begins to appear slip, also had certain economic ability at the same time, so this time needs to arrange face cream! As the last layer of protection for skin care, do you know how to choose face cream?


Heathley face cream


Heathley is believed to be the heart of many girls, the last two years do really good, even more popular than la Mer face cream. Can be said to be no problem star products, at the same time its function is relatively powerful. In addition to anti-aging and improving wrinkles, it can also brighten the complexion and improve our dull and yellowed skin. And its repair function can not be ignored, I am sensitive muscle, once to the red skin season will use this cream, feel the skin state is much stable.




FAVOLAREALTA Platinum Magic Water Cream


This cream has a strong calming and healing effect on the skin. Improve skin tone dull and itchy due to dehydration sensitivity. Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive dry skin, a calming, moisturizing and moisturizing cream with a very clear texture, a bit like milk pudding. It’s not greasy, it’s super absorbent, and it’s great for all seasons.


Kiehl’s Shaving cream


Kieen’s has always been a brand of safety and gentness. Its products will give people a feeling of “cosmeceuticals”, especially suitable for sensitive muscles. So the skin is sensitive but there are anti-aging needs of friends, directly to buy it can. The cream’s main ingredient is Bosein, which helps to boost the skin’s metabolism, which in turn helps fight aging. In addition, the cream also added retinol, can effectively tighten the skin, such as apple muscle sagging problems can be very good to improve. The texture of this cream is heavy, so you can rub it on your hands for a while before applying it to your face, so it won’t stuffy acne.


FR Rejuvenating VCIP Cream


Good news for sensitive muscles, which can repair the skin barrier and repair the damaged stratum corneum. FR Rejuvenating VCIP Cream is a savior for seasonal skin allergies. Better cost performance and better sense of use. The cream works better with an essence oil before use. It can increase the epidermal thickness of our skin, weaken the scar and freckle effect is very good, and repair the redness and deep hydration effect, which is completely enough for daily skin care. The most impressive is that the anti-wrinkle effect is really great!


Estee Lauder Red pomegranate Cream


Three words that say everything about this cream are “ladylike.” Estee Lauder has always been at the forefront of skin care, and this cream is no exception. Using red pomegranate extract as the main ingredient, it takes advantage of the antioxidant and hydrating properties of the fruit. Using this cream for a long time, you will really feel what is called eternal youth, and this cream is also done more delicate, divided into early cream and night cream, can play a better effect according to the state of different periods of skin. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying it as long as you have the budget.


Above a few are today xiaobian inventory of a few suitable for girls to choose the anti-old essence. If women over 30 years old choose their own anti-aging essence, it can greatly delicate and firm the skin, and can effectively delay the speed of skin aging.

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