The most effective whitening method

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As the saying goes, a white cover 100 ugly, this can be seen the importance of whitening to MM, however, want white water tender skin to find a method, not everyone can do natural beauty, Nikisho sorted out a few of the most effective whitening methods, to learn together.


White needle


Whitening injection (also known as whitening needle) is loved and respected by actresses in the entertainment industry because of its remarkable effect, and is known as “whitening angel”. Every one to two years, you need to inject 1-2 courses of treatment to keep your skin white and tender, and make yourself look youthful and beautiful in front of the camera. It has excellent effects on removing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, shrinking pores and diluting pigment. Make the whole body skin white, delicate, tight perfect state. The expert suggests: whiten should begin to execute from summer, whiten needle can restrain the formation of melanin truly from inside to outside, reduce the formation of pigmentation and color spot thereby. Make you appear white and delicate perfect skin.


Whitening essence


Whitening injection


And Asian woman belongs to slant yellow muscle quality commonly, but traditional culture advocates relatively white skin color, because this white essence has become each big factory and many young women essential maintain article item.


Different essences have different textures based on the amount of oil-water ratio and whether or not additional emulsifiers or thickeners are added to the formula. In terms of whitening essence, unless it is in the dry season or designed for dry skin whitening essence can add cream or oily water quality ingredients lock, more excellent whitening essence, should be to water, reduce grease or emulsifier composition will be for the skin absorption use, help whitening effect.


In addition, most of the whitening essence, mainly are the main ingredients of vitamin C for whitening, but because vitamin C is not stable, easy to oxidation, so a vitamin C derivative components, from the aspects of stability, the esterification type vitamin C > vitamin C glucoside salt > > vitamin C prototype vitamin C, but if with whitening and anti-oxidation effect, Prototype vitamin C is still the strongest. “Vitamin C pre-inductor” actually refers to vitamin C glucosides and vitamin C salts. Because of the strong acidity of vitamin C, it is best not to use with high concentration of fruit acid, salicylic acid or A acid products, so as not to produce excessive irritation. But vitamin C and concentration in about 4%~8% of the fruit acid ingredients, but conducive to the absorption of vitamin C components.


Whitening lotion


Emulsion cosmetics, also known as honey cosmetics, is an oil-in-water emulsifier, water content in about 10% ~ 80%, has a certain fluidity, the shape is similar to honey, hence the name. Emulsion water content is larger, can replenish moisture for the skin. The emulsion still contains a few oil points, can moisten the skin again. The emulsion has three functions: decontamination, water supplement and nutrition. Decontamination means that emulsion can be used instead of cleanser to remove dirt from the face. Replenish water, because the emulsion contains about 10% ~ 80% water, therefore, can directly replenish water to the skin, so that the skin keeps moist. Supplement nutrition, because the lotion contains a small amount of oil, when the face skin is tight, the oil in the lotion can moisturize the skin, make the skin soft.


Use method of emulsion: pour right amount emulsion into palm first, begin daub around the cheek that is easy to dry by face or eye. Gently spread along the muscle direction. Dry skin is qualitative can besmear a few more, “T” type area wants to wipe a few less, besmear too much or oily skin is qualitative, usable facial tissue is pressed gently, absorb redundant grease. The choice of emulsion is very important also, pour emulsion in the hand, add appropriate amount of water, if emulsion is easy to mix with water. The quality of a material that expresses easy wash, emulsion is downy, won’t cause harm to skin.

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