The skin care benefits of tea tree pure lotion and the role of tea tree pure lotion on the skin what are the benefits

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In recent years, as pure lotion has slowly come to everyone’s attention, everyone’s knowledge of pure lotion is getting deeper and deeper, and it is because of the many benefits of pure lotion that pure lotion is becoming more and more popular and used by the public. There is not just one pure lotion, it is very many and different kinds, which mainly depends on which plant is used to extract the pure lotion; for example, with rose petals distilled and extracted, that is rose pure lotion; or lavender distilled and extracted, that is, lavender pure lotion; and then tea tree pure lotion with tea tree fresh leaves distilled and extracted, you can get tea tree pure lotion; which is particularly famous Tea Tree Puree is the Australian Tea Tree Puree. Then I will take the Australian Tea Tree Puree as an example to tell you!


First of all, let’s understand the knowledge about Australian tea tree! Speaking of which, some people may ask, is not to take you to understand the Australian tea tree puree? Why start with understanding the Australian tea tree? The main reason is that the Australian tea tree is not the tea tree we usually see or the tea tree distillation extracted from the tea leaves, the Australian tea tree refers to a tree called Australian Melaleuca, which is native to the swamps of Australia, the tree is about 4-6 meters high, the bark is leathery gray, flaky and peeling.


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But the smell of the Australian tea tree itself is not very friendly, there is a very strong medicinal smell, a bit punchy nose; some fairies may feel that something so unpleasant must not be good to use! If you are avoiding it because of its smell, then you are missing out on a great treasure! Australian tea tree pure lotion contains tea tree oil, tannin, saponin plant sugar and other water-soluble ingredients in the body of a variety of leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, these ingredients have a very obvious effect on our human skin’s antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, regulate oil secretion and treatment and prevention of acne and other problems. It is because of these properties that Australian tea tree pure lotion has the ability to control oil secretion, remove acne marks, shrink pores, inhibit the growth of acne, eliminate closed pimples and many other effects.


As a result, tea tree pure lotion is more suitable for people with oily skin or oily acne skin. When using it, you need to understand that tea tree pure lotion is not a miracle cure, it can not be applied immediately, it is necessary to persist in using to slowly see the effect! After talking about tea tree pure dew in general, the next is to talk about how tea tree pure dew can be used it! Mainly some of the more common and effective use.


The first use is to give the skin anti-inflammatory oil control. This use is very simple, you just need to find a small-capacity dispensing spray bottle will be a large bottle of pure dew dispensed out of some, and then wash your face with a normal cleanser, after that is to pick up the spray bottle on the face spray on it! Wait a few minutes for the skin to be completely absorbed, then you can normal skin care. If you are a big oil field or oily acne skin beauty can be incorporated into your daily skin care steps in a small step, long-term persistent use, slowly you will find their face oil secretion will be reduced!


The second use is to control the scalp oil to achieve the effect of hair loss. This is mainly done after washing and blow-drying your hair, also using a small dispensing spray bottle directly on the scalp, gently with your fingers until it is absorbed. If you have hair loss due to excessive scalp oil production, try it!


The third use is the treatment of acne, acne believe that many people have had the experience, face acne is really a very annoying thing, when the acne, not only will hurt, and one did not resist squeezing with their hands, it will be easy to leave acne marks, so ugly! The ingredients contained in the tea tree pure lotion can help inhibit the growth of acne and get rid of acne marks, so this tea tree pure lotion is perfect for use when you have acne. The specific usage is also very simple, there can be two uses, one is to directly take the dispensing spray bottle directly sprayed on the face, the second is added to the mask together with the face.

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