There’s a big difference between spray and sunscreen, which works better

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Hot summer wants skin good, prevent bask in the job same cannot little! Many girls don’t know how to choose between spray sunscreen and sunscreen. Dear girls, today we’re going to reveal which is better, spray or sunscreen, and what’s the difference? Let’s have a look at it




Sunscreen spray in recent years especially fire, mainly because carry convenient, simple use! Just spritz it at any time. Especially the girl who spends a lot of time outdoors especially likes it, and it is refreshing and not greasy. Sunscreen spray can not only be used for the body and face to prevent sun, but also to dry hair on a spray, feel fresh and hands-free. However, spray sunscreens and sunscreens still need to be used together to achieve protection. Use a lighter sunscreen before going out. For girls who spend a lot of time outdoors, spray sunscreen can be used to make up for the loss of sunscreen. To say the difference, mainly depends on SPF. Of course, the higher the SPF, the better the sun protection.




The difference between spray and sunscreen


In addition to the differences in use, spray sunscreens and sunscreens differ in texture. But sunblock still has the effect of beautiful white repair yan, need daub even to be able to reject the feeling that complexion is not even. Spray sunscreen can be applied to the face by shaking it before use. Timely, convenient and effective!


Spray sunscreens and sunscreens are suitable for everyone


The texture of sunscreen is relatively light and moist, which is suitable for people with dry skin. It has the effect of moisturizing skin, and can also prevent the absorption of makeup due to dry skin. Sunscreen spray is mainly for the skin is more sensitive and oily skin people are more applicable, because the texture is relatively fresh, will not bring burden to the skin, will not be very greasy, but also can alleviate the skin oil condition.


But for better skin protection and optimal sun protection, both are equally important. There is also sunscreen equipment is the same to wear complete. Only such ability can accomplish the protection to ultraviolet ray thoroughly, skin also can get very good protection.


Prevent bask in method


The choice of sunscreen products should also be based on individual skin characteristics and local sun intensity to choose the appropriate index of sunscreen products. As mentioned earlier, different sunscreen products are suitable for different skin types, but they can also be used together. Because two kinds prevent bask in the role that product is complementary between each other, each has each benefit and advantage, go up in use especially and the difference on quality of a material is more obvious.


But if you want your skin to effectively resist external damage, you also need to develop correct skin care habits, and usually supplement all kinds of vitamins and minerals for your skin to improve the resistance of your skin. Prevent the formation of bad habits, so as to let the skin from the foundation to get a good construction, of course, skin’s defense ability will also be improved. Also not afraid of external damage can hurt the skin.


Xiaobian friends have a group of people who are not afraid to tan, no matter how to tan skin will not become black or other problems. This is skin foundation is good, skin resists and the performance with strong defense ability. In fact, if you want good skin, you really need to fundamentally solve skin problems and improve your skin from the root, so that your skin can always maintain a relatively ideal state and not change because of external factors.

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