These daily skin care tips, you have noticed?

wu meijie Date:2021-09-22 17:36:55
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Today I would like to introduce you to some daily skin care tips, simple and practical, I hope it will help you.


The mask


mask once every two days, to be much better than every day, this is because the skin also has absorption and metabolism time, do not use too often, will also lead to excess skin nutrients, the skin on the situation of acne. Do not apply the mask for more than 15 minutes, easy to allergic. Generally apply a sheet mask will be controlled in 10-15 minutes, because too long, after the mask water dry will pour absorption of skin moisture. The skin moisture will be absorbed after the dryness.


remove makeup to clean, if not unloaded, residual makeup will precipitate The actual fact is that the actual person is not a person who is not a person.


Wipe your face dry


After washing your face, don’t let the moisture dry naturally on your face, you can press gently on your face to absorb the moisture on your face and then follow up with skin care (mainly hydration and moisturizing).


daily skin care tips


Try to refresh the skin care products applied after going to bed, do not be too greasy or too heavy, easy to rub on the pillow or quilt, easy to breed mites or bacteria.


you can’t use night cream instead of eye cream, because the horny layer around the eyes is the thinnest and the location where the sebaceous glands secrete the least, which can’t bear too many nutrients, and the molecules of eye cream are smaller and more suitable for the skin of the eyes.


hot weather, but also do not use too cold water to wash your face, adhere to the use of warm water to wash your face (also can not use too hot water to wash your face), can keep our skin elasticity, not easy to grow wrinkles, this simple. But it is also very easy to be ignored. 7.


after cleaning the skin with toner, it is best not to use alcohol ingredients, because alcohol is easy to cause dry skin.


sunscreen work, because ultraviolet rays will make our skin darker, and also accelerate our skin aging. So wind and sunlight as much as possible to avoid. Try to reduce outdoor activities.


When using skin care products, do not forget to take care of the neck, the neck and face skin is equally important.


Early to bed and early to rise skin good, sufficient sleep is the best maintenance of our skin. The best skin care before 10 p.m., because 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. is the most active skin cells, when the application of high efficacy of skin care products to achieve the purpose of deep nourishment repair.




A healthy diet is also important for the skin, drink more soy milk, milk, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and eat some soy products, etc., all help our skin Anti-aging, to achieve the effect of skin whitening.


Aerobic exercise


Drink a sufficient amount of water every day (at least 8 large cups), appropriate exercise, it is best to do some yoga, aerobics, swimming, jogging and some other gentle aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise consumes calories quickly, is a good way to eliminate subcutaneous toxins and weight loss, with the increase in exercise will accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, toxins will be discharged with sweat, while muscle tightening.

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