This early autumn, suitable for yellow skin earth tones, white and advanced

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Do you love autumn? It is impossible not to love.


In all the seasons, only autumn is a pictorial version of the Romantic history, to all those who see it to hopelessly romantic.


When you look at it, you can see the veins of a leaf, the dense thickets of the mountains, the seven colors, the three haloes, the jagged clusters, the wind blowing, the swaying drops of full fruit, quietly falling into your arms, accidentally stained your whole heart.


Who can refuse such an autumn?


No wonder even the most poetry-loving people are willing to give up the most precious pen in their hands.The king is writing poems in the depths of autumn – Haizi. And it must be the autumn in full bloom, not the late autumn sluggish withering, nor the little bit of early autumn mixed in with the lushness of all the trees, the great beauty is not well described.




“There is a nice faint scorching smell on the field, the sun roasted everything ripe, yellow maple leaves mixed with ochre exhausted oak leaves, all the way to the sky”.


So many colors, so full of enthusiasm, the sound of the second, the voice is a love of words, people just want to cloak a colorful charm, willing to do a colorful vulgar.


Who makes the color of autumn so beautiful? Yellow is not yellow, mixed with green, through the orange, dyed red, occasionally fell a few layers of color, brown is not brown, filled with tea, boiled wine, each dyed into color, and is a million kinds of color shades.


So many fall colors, each is the color of the earth, we have always had a misunderstanding of the earth color system, thinking that the earth color is camel brown.


In fact, earth color is a very wide area, from the earthy sand color on the surface to the autumn fragrant yellow on the treetops, from dry to full, each is a treasure of color in a woman’s closet.


So today the great beauty to talk about the autumn earth color, especially for the Asian yellow skin, earth color inside the yellow tone mostly, how to match the choice to wear the earth color mellow and texture.


Khaki, the trench coat the most authentic enough color, but for yellow skin, and not good driving, this river dried up to reveal the sandy surface of the color, the more yellow tone the deeper, the more easily with the skin tone into one, even tired of the whole person become colorless.


(Light khaki + white)


So Asian people choose khaki, the best khaki color the lighter the better, while it is best to choose the khaki with lime green tones, rather than earthy tones of the khaki, the former base color itself more clear and bright.


In the light khaki this basis, and then a large area with white to brighten the overall, while the use of white area closer to the face, the better the effect of brightening skin tone.


(Light khaki + white + rice + apricot)


In the above basis, add soft and light beige or light apricot to form a similar tone atmosphere of extreme visual comfort, so that the khaki in which becomes a solid base, and then to highlight the qualities of its senior texture of that side.

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