Wet compress with a thin or thick cotton pad Wet compress before and after the skin care steps

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Wet compress is a skin care method that is often used in daily life and can quickly and effectively replenish the skin with enough moisture in just a few minutes. It is simple and does not take long, but there are still some things to pay attention to in order to achieve the full effect of skin care. The actual fact is that you can use a thin or thick cotton pad for wet compresses? What are the skin care steps before and after the wet compress?


The actual fact is that you will be able to get a good deal on your own?


It is recommended to use thin non-woven cotton pads for wet compresses. Non-woven cotton pads are relatively thin and slightly coarse to the touch, but they have a strong water-absorbing capacity and are very economical for wet compresses. And because of the rough touch, so non-woven is not suitable for rubbing water, makeup removal, etc., used on the face does not need to rub the skin, not only to avoid friction to bring harm to the skin, but also to save makeup water.


skin care steps


The skin care steps before and after wet compress:


1, Makeup removal: If you have makeup, you should use a makeup remover to remove the makeup products from your face; if you have sunscreen and barrier cream on, you should use makeup remover with a cotton pad to wipe it off.


2, Wash your face: use a mild, weak acidic cleanser, rub out the foam and apply it to your face for proper massage, and finally rinse off with warm water.


3, wet compress: take a few thin cotton pads, thoroughly wet with makeup and paste them on the cheeks, chin and T-zone, paying attention to the sides of the nose, forehead and mouth corners and other hidden places to completely fit. If you find that there is a buckling position after the complete application, you can use a spray to replenish the wetness. Wait for about 5 minutes and then take off the cotton pad.


4, skin care: after taking off the cotton pad does not need to wash the face, to quickly start the follow-up skin care work, so the wet skin state is more conducive to the absorption of skin care products. In the order of skin care, use lotion, serum, eye cream, lotion or cream in order to lock water and moisturize.


The above is the skin care steps before and after the wet compress, now you know the whole wet compress operation method! When the skin is dry and dehydrated, in addition to applying a hydrating mask, you can also use the wet compress method to improve the situation.

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