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If you ask me what color lipstick is versatile and more suitable for wearing coats in autumn and winter, I will not hesitate to tell you brick red. The brick red lipstick was very hot a few years ago, because with the texture of the matte, so it looks a kind of last century retro Hong Kong star pictorial version of the texture.
The Milan-based ARMANI brand entered the fashion world from menswear and has successfully extended into skincare, make-up and perfumes. Today, ARMANI is not only printed with black bottom white words of fashion, it represents a kind of lifestyle, a bold and untrammeled and dynamic symbol, will men and women luxuriant, sexy, tian yi and creative interpretation to the extreme.
The luxury fashion CEO hinted that his niece Silvana Armani and Pantaleo Dell’Orco, who head womenswear and menswear for all Armani collections, may succeed him This was the brand’s first live show since Covid-19 hit Italy in 2020; the Armani Prive couture collection will also be shown in Paris later this month
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For dry-skinned beauty, choosing a foundation is not easy, if you do not choose well, there will be the phenomenon of skin stuck powder skin, so the makeup is not only not delicate, but also for the whole person’s temperament greatly discounted, so it is especially important to choose a suitable foundation for yourself. So what are the three foundations that have been blown up? Get to the point!