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Johnson's Baby Oil is specially formulated for infants and contains high quality ingredients that are pure, gentle and easily absorbed. It leaves a moisturizing protective film on the skin's surface and locks in moisture to prevent skin wrinkling and irritation; and effectively softens baby's head scales. Warm your hands before touching and pour some Johnson's Baby Oil onto your palms.
When a baby is born, many aspects will make the mother particularly worried. Because the baby is so small, and many areas are completely underdeveloped. Such a baby will bring a lot of pressure to mothers, in all aspects of the baby's food, clothing and use will be particularly tangled, do not know which is the best, the most suitable for their own baby.
You may reach for baby oil if you’re running low on your typical shaving products. Many baby oils are made primarily from mineral oil and can moisten your skin. It may be a good substitute for shaving cream because it can lubricate your skin for shaving.
Baby oil has been on the market for more than 100 years and has long been a staple in the nurseries of new parents. It’s a clear liquid made out of petroleum-based mineral oil and fragrance.
Is this your baby’s first monsoon? While the monsoon brings in cool relief after a hot summer, do not forget that it also brings in heat rash, skin infection, pus boils and nappy rashes. An infant’s skin is more vulnerable to catch infection during the monsoon and hence, needs extra care.