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The most important thing is that you have to be able to get rid of the oil and makeup, powder, dull skin tone, shine, pores, how to solve these makeup troubles at once. This is to talk about the foundation and BB cream, foundation has a strong concealing power, foundation makeup will feel heavier; BB cream is good at improving the skin dull tone, the main light, natural nude makeup effect. Today, we will review several foundations and BB creams to give a reference to the babies who want to start.
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For dry skin, it is too difficult to find a favorite primer product, good coverage is easy to dry, excellent hold time is easy to dry, summer is okay, an air cushion or BB cream can spend, but in the fall and winter season, we have to put nourishment in the first place. So for those of us with concealing dry skin, it's simply bliss to have a hydrating primer. Today here to share with you a few self-use primer products, 10,000 years big dry skin pro test, the real feeling to you.
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