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Activities to increase exposure is a must for beauty salons, for the cost of advertising, in the beauty salon to do to increase exposure activities, the cost is much lower, the effect will also be better, net red beauty salons are relying on incentives for ordinary users to send content, saving a large amount of promotion costs.
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look at the formal license of beauty salon license is complete, and the original business license is hung in an obvious position of the business site, the brand plaque is standardized and legal, and the service mark is set up in line with the requirements of city appearance.
She has been out of work for 9 months and has only been to a beauty salon once even though she has an annual pass. Do not go out too at home, save the money of sunscreen, beauty cream, lipstick and eyebrow painting, the skin is much more delicate than in the past, but recently found that because of long-term facial care muscle is a little flabby, this can not be good!