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A makeup brush set makes a great gift (even if it's for yourself), but they're not all created equal. Too often, shoppers fall into the trap of picking the first one on the shelf and end up with low-quality tools that quickly fall apart or worse, a bunch of brushes they never use. That's why it's important to brush up on the available options so you can get the best bang for your buck. And lucky for you, we've tapped in some professional makeup artists for some expert advice.
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The Sept. 30 program will provide insights and action plans for the industry as it advances toward a more equitable future for Black women in beauty.
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Nowadays, many beauty salons adopt membership system to stabilize long-term customers. And customers also hope to get more benefits through the membership system.
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The contour cream has a lightweight gel texture and is easy to blend.
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I found from the age of 25, the days go a little faster in the heart, but can feel the passage of time is a wonderful thing, missed what, and what have, so do not want to just glimpse that little beauty in life, and now like things, of course, is no longer a momentary pleasure in the long years.
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While this year’s Met gala invited attendees to—first and foremost—contemplate American fashion, no look was complete without an expertly calibrated beauty look. The theme, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” and exhibition embody themes of joy, rebellion, and nostalgia—feelings that were mirrored in the myriad hair and makeup looks tonight.
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Last October, four years since she left her namesake brand, and 25 years since her non-compete with Estee Lauder expired, Bobbi Brown launched her new beauty venture in the US. This week, after much anticipation, Jones Road, named after a street in East Hampton, launches in the UK.
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The subject of our sexual (and feminine) health was once confined to letters from the NHS and discreet conversations between close friends. One good thing to emerge from the past 18 months is a move towards a more open discussion. Whether it’s the pain women experience getting an IUD fitted hitting the national press, the introduction of sexual wellness sections on websites like Cult Beauty, or the publication of numerous books on the peri-menopause, we’re beginning to recognise that our vaginas, hormones and everything in between are every bit as important as the rest of us.
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Do you know why sometimes you feel that the lipstick you apply is not good enough? Why do beauty bloggers paint out lipsticks that are more beautiful? The color also seems to look better than your own. In fact, this is because you don't understand the reason of your own lip shape, different lip shapes need different ways of applying lipstick! Standard Lips
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Everyone has a love for beauty, and the demand for self-pleasure is on the rise.
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