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With the epidemic still not turning around in Europe and the US, a stable upstream supply chain is increasingly important for any luxury industry that relies on global growth. According to Reuters, French luxury brand Chanel recently purchased 10 hectares of land in southern France to ensure the supply of jasmine flowers, the main ingredient of Chanel's N°5 perfume, as well as other required varieties.
This time at home, would have liked to take advantage of the free time to buy some new products on Taobao to try. The result is that many couriers have not officially resumed work and are now stuck on the road. So I decided to start with what I had on hand to share. I've always loved collecting perfume, so I go around the world to travel and business trips, buy perfume is a must trip. So much so that now I have a whole wall of perfume at home!
This issue of the content in detail to talk to you about Chanel women's perfume in the most popular 3 series, a proper "King of the Broken Stock" series, the essential models of delicate girls, the following we look at the most worthy of Chanel perfume are what!