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The first contact with the Dior 740 is in the office, a young colleague picked up a 740, held it high in the air, intoxicated and said: "How can so beautiful! It's so beautiful, I love it!" At that time I also a face disdain, later after all kinds of thunder, all kinds of test, I also completely fall into, now, Dior 740 has been my royal lipstick, as long as the lipstick, the first idea must be 740, simply love to explode ah!
When it comes to lipstick, it is better to choose dior, because there are a lot of beautiful colors, so many stars use Dior lipstick, compared with these high-end brands, lipstick is suitable for our ordinary income, here are four good color numbers, please quickly choose suitable for yourself.
Born in 1953, Dior's gorgeous blue and gold lipstick is a stunning piece of color that speaks to Dior's signature style and craftsmanship, as well as a silent yet sincere fashion statement. Over the years, the high-order colors of this lipstick have been reinterpreted into thousands of shades, giving women around the world beautiful lips and adding a touch of sparkle to their smiles.
Lipstick is the bridge between girls chatting, girlfriends sitting together chatting always will often talk about this topic, it is also one of the many cosmetics can enhance the most color, show temperament.