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Fresh Water is a unique perfume from DIOR, the design of the bottle comes from the portable wine bottle, designed in 1966, and has been used since. It is a pioneer in the introduction of floral fragrances in men's fragrances, pioneering a generation of men's fragrances, with woody notes dominating, but with the unique introduction of jasmine notes. The fresh, elegant and tender taste has made this perfume popular for decades and has gained numerous fans. It is a fragrance that is not monotonous in flavor variation, but is not overbearing but very accommodating.
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Her Lady Dior bag signified this boss woman status. The classic top-handle design, adorned with decorative metal letters spelling out Dior and evoking the lucky charms and talismans beloved by Monsieur Christian Dior himself, became a house icon as a direct result of the Diana effect. Originally called the Chouchou and inspired, in part, by Dior muse Mitzah Bricard, the ladylike boxy bag was gifted to Diana by the First Lady of France in September 1995, at the opening of the Paul Cézanne retrospective at Paris’s Grand Palais. The Chouchou was not yet on sale, and only in the possession of the world’s one per cent.
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When it comes to fresh and elegant perfume, our first response is to aquatic tone, floral tone, a light wafting fragrance to refresh people, but also with the taste of a woman with powder, must be a must-have bottle. The first thing you need to do is to get into the subject.
Started in 1935 in France, L'Oréal Group, the world's high-end cosmetics brand, the budding rose is known as the brand mark, Lancome series perfume world-famous, Lancome cosmetics is the representative cosmetics of high-end women.
Lancome was born in France in 1935. It is a brand founded by Armand PetitJean. As a world-renowned high-end cosmetics brand, Lancome has been involved in many fields of skin care, cosmetics, perfume and cougar, mainly for educational, higher income, mature women aged 25~40.
Poison perfume is a female perfume produced by Christian Dior, France, belonging to Oriental flavor. The shape of the bottle is elegant, with crystal packaging of five different fragrances: red, green, white, purple and blue.
This necklace makes you feel as if you are walking among flowers. The jewelers hand-inlaid white diamonds and colored sapphires to create three unique floral patterns. Exquisite gemstone flowers and platinum vines, cleverly around the neck, as if dancing in the warm breeze.
Does Dior foundation work well? Dior lipstick has almost become popular all over the country, especially the 999 color, which has been out of stock for a long time at various counters and shopping platforms. But dior's liquid foundation is rarely mentioned.
As the saying goes: Lipstick is not life, true not line, no lipstick often lipstick is the nods eyeball pen of the whole makeup look, and take a makeup without makeup can paint, coating, anytime and anywhere and lipstick is a kind of light is a luxury, think about all feel happy, received a lot of girls in the lipstick that moment they are feeling happy dead, if meet with no lipstick will death star man, so was hoarding a lipstick warehouse, All kinds of lipsticks are in full view.
Whether it is daily or collection, buying lipstick is the most happy thing for girls. Lipstick, as a must-have for every girl, should not only be beautiful in color, but also beautiful in appearance. As a set of appearance level and connotation in a color makeup brand, Dior has been loved by girls.
A qualified perfume not only to smell good, its persistence is also very important, so in so many cosmetic brands, which is the best persistence? Today by the list 123 small make up for you to list the most lasting perfume rankings, give you a reference, quick to see.
His lifetime effort to create a fashion kingdom, is still sought after by people. How has Chanel kept up with fashion trends over the past 100 years? What kind of twists and turns is the story behind the enterprise?
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