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For dry skin, it is too difficult to find a favorite primer product, good coverage is easy to dry, excellent hold time is easy to dry, summer is okay, an air cushion or BB cream can spend, but in the fall and winter season, we have to put nourishment in the first place. So for those of us with concealing dry skin, it's simply bliss to have a hydrating primer. Today here to share with you a few self-use primer products, 10,000 years big dry skin pro test, the real feeling to you.
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Compared to other skin types, dry skin daily care seems to be much easier. The dry skin type has fewer pore-like problems, the proper daily care, dryness, wrinkles, spots and other problems can be effectively prevented and solved, the skin condition is fine and smooth.
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The weather in autumn is very cool and dry, and mosquitoes are very abundant, which is very unfriendly to small babies. Autumn wind is high, the little baby's skin is very delicate, it is easy to appear allergies, cracking, plateau red and other symptoms, but also very easy to be mosquito bites.
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People with dry skin need all kinds of moisture and moisture in winter. Originally, moisture is relatively lacking. Under dry environment in winter, moisture and water are needed more. In daily cleaning, people with dry skin should try to choose moisturizing and hydrating effect of facial cleanser, for the choice of maintenance products are inclined to moisturizing and moisturizing type of emulsion and moisturizing effect of cream.
First of all, let's look at why blowing air conditioning can lead to dry skin. Under the high temperature of summer, people in the air-conditioned room to start, the temperature inside is very low, resulting in a huge temperature difference, the body's blood vessels in order to regulate the temperature will shrink sharply, it is easy to get sick and cold. So the temperature in the air conditioning room is best not too low, it will not cause too much temperature difference.
Flaky skin on the face may be a result of changing seasons, harsh chemicals in beauty products, or skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, etc.If your dry skin condition is mild, simple remedies will work. However, if you have chills, blisters, or nausea around the time the face begins to peel, do consult a doctor.
Many things can leave you with dry, flaky skin on your face. The weather, aging, and showering in nearly scalding hot water can all turn your plump, hydrated skin into a parched dermal desert. Here are some DIY face masks to take care of your dry skin. You can make these face masks with help of natural ingredients available in your kitchen.