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When Adut Akech began modelling professionally at the tender age of 16, she had an unfortunate introduction to the industry. “My hair got burned,” the now 21-year-old South Sudan-born runway star recalls of a time not long ago when having a like-minded hairstylist or make-up artist of colour on set or backstage was rare. “Our hair doesn’t need heat and everyone started straightening my hair. So I shaved my head — I went bald,” Akech continues of a formative beauty decision that both empowered her and helped cement her status on the catwalk. “Now, I know to say, ‘No, this is not the right shade for my skin tone,’ or ‘No, this does not work with my hair.’ I want new faces to be vocal about this stuff, too. That’s one thing I want to see change.” Her platform to help exact this kind of advancement just got a whole lot bigger: today, Akech becomes the newest global brand ambassador of Estee Lauder.
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Anti-wrinkle skin care products which brand is good
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The brand Estee Lauder, we should have been able to hear it long ago, Estee Lauder as one of the world's largest skin care, cosmetics and perfume company, it was founded by Mrs. Estee Lauder in 1946, the creation of Estee Lauder not only the taste of life and sensitivity to fashion into the brand, but also influenced the global cosmetics industry.
Lancome was born in France in 1935. It is a brand founded by Armand PetitJean. As a world-renowned high-end cosmetics brand, Lancome has been involved in many fields of skin care, cosmetics, perfume and cougar, mainly for educational, higher income, mature women aged 25~40.
For girls who often wear makeup, lipstick has become an essential part of their daily life. In fact, the choice of lipstick is actually a learning, both to learn to keep pace with The Times, but also to learn to cater to the trend. Most girls can grasp the direction of fashion, basically every year will pay attention to which brand launched some new lipstick, today we will talk about the hot four new lipstick in 2021, after the market is still very good performance, is not sold out or is overpriced!
Lipstick as an indispensable part of makeup, but also our whole makeup appearance, believe everyone think so, but let's a lot of women in choosing a lipstick stumped, because she doesn't know what you need, for what, so choose a suitable own makeup lipstick is a not easy thing.
Creams and essences are the core of every product line, so for a 20-something girl, most of the time it's not pasta cream. After all, he's a good age and has collagen all over his face. But after 30 years old, our skin begins to appear slip, also had certain economic ability at the same time, so this time needs to arrange face cream! As the last layer of protection for skin care, do you know how to choose face cream?
L 'Oreal group more than once in the financial statement, Lancome is the world's largest high-end cosmetics brand, no one. Industry insiders have estimated that the lancome brand's annual global sales reached 2.3 billion euros in 2014. In addition, lancome brand has maintained a good growth rate in the past two years. Such performance is probably the Estee Lauder brand in the short term cannot exceed.
The difference between Estee Lauder Day Cream and Night Cream is the difference in the time of use, function and effect, and oil content. Estee Lauder Day Cream is suitable for daytime use and has a certain sunscreen effect in addition to moisturizing, and has a lower oil content compared to the Night Cream. The Estee Lauder night cream is suitable for nighttime use, helping the skin to repair and moisturize at night, and contains a higher oil content.
As a well-known makeup brand, Dior has a variety of colors, which can meet the needs of girls. However, lipstick is not bad for dior. In addition to Dior lipstick, there are several colors, which are fully enough as the new colors of 2021.
Eye serums are tempting products, whether you worry about puffiness, shadows or fine lines. Seasoned devotees know that they instantly moisturise and perhaps brighten up the area with light-reflective pigment.