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Cream is one of the essential skin care products, it is used in the last step of skin care, can provide more moisture and nutrition for the skin, play a role in moisturizing and locking water, because its texture is creamy, can provide a protective film for the skin, so that the moisture and nutrition of the previous skin care products do not easily evaporate, the skin to maintain a day of hydration and luster.
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This daily lotion from Harry's knocks it out of the park when it comes to providing my sensitive skin the moisture it needs, while not irritating it one bit.
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It is believed that many kinds of skin care products such as facial mask are well known and used many times, but there are many kinds of facial mask, such as flake mask, mud mask and sleeping mask.
Cream is the most important step in basic skin care. If there is no cream, even if we use cleansing milk, make-up water, eye cream and essence, it will not have much effect on skin care. The reason is that the ingredients of the cream can lock these nutrients for the skin and moisturize the skin.
After wearing masks for nearly a year, some people's faces seem to be "overwhelmed", while others are still experiencing good and bad skin conditions. Entering winter, dry weather has worsened the problem of "mask face". In recent years, the skin care products "produced" by the dermatology department of many large third-class a hospitals are well known, and are praised as "Internet celebrity skin care products" on social media, with a large number of customers.
Body lotion should not be applied to the face. Facial ministry skin is more delicate and sensitive than the skin of the body, apply to the emulsion of the body, it is not suitable for facial ministry skin naturally, know face cream and eye cream also have distinction like us.