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Not only do girls wear makeup, but boys are now inseparable from cosmetics. They want to make themselves look better, and the wide variety of categories of makeup also proves that the demand is now large. Makeup has become a skill in the daily life of girls, whether it is to go out to do business, or go out to play, want to leave the best impression on others.
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When it comes to foundation preferences, people usually fall into one of two categories: those that think liquid is superior and those that will forever sing the praises of powder. Set up a debate on which foundation consistency is the all-time best between team powder and team liquid, and you are sure to get a lively discussion filled with some very valid points on either side.
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Is the Dior cushion foundation good to use? The Dior brand of cosmetics has always been loved by consumers, especially his lipstick, some of the net red number in the major counters are in a state of long-term out of stock. The company's air cushion foundation and how does it perform? Today Nikisho will introduce you to three of Dior's popular air cushions.