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Fresh Water is a unique perfume from DIOR, the design of the bottle comes from the portable wine bottle, designed in 1966, and has been used since. It is a pioneer in the introduction of floral fragrances in men's fragrances, pioneering a generation of men's fragrances, with woody notes dominating, but with the unique introduction of jasmine notes. The fresh, elegant and tender taste has made this perfume popular for decades and has gained numerous fans. It is a fragrance that is not monotonous in flavor variation, but is not overbearing but very accommodating.
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When it comes to pre-performance rituals, the show literally cannot go on until Rihanna has applied her perfume. And the Fenty Beauty founder doesn’t just wear fragrance. “My mom actually worked in the beauty-and-fragrance industry, so she’d always get a lot of samples and introduce me to the scents when she came home,” Rihanna explains of her long-standing habit of layering different bottles to create a bespoke blend. So when she decided to launch a signature Fenty scent, out 10 August, her goal wasn’t just to add another category to her ever-expanding empire; it was to upend the traditional world of high-end perfumery.
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Of course, any fragrance can be for anyone of any gender. But not everyone wants to spritz themselves down with cloying, traditionally femine floral or the smoky, leathery blends our grandfathers used to wear. Things start to get interesting—and feel truly modern—in the androgynous in-betweens: where sweet meets woodsy and the heady aroma of flowers is tempered with the bite of fresh herbs. Here, our top six favorites that work for just about anybody.
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In the past two years, aromatherapy has become more and more popular, and the very healing power of aromatherapy has ushered in a season that belongs to it.Everyone is most familiar with the warmth of Aromatherapy candles and essential oils.
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