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Whether you already have short hair (which we’ll categorize here as hair that sits at or above the shoulders) or you’re considering making the chop, we have some options for you to consider. Jenna Perry and her team of stylists at the Jenna Perry Hair Studio in lower Manhattan share their predictions for the biggest hair trends for short hair this fall.
Author:wu meijie/Date:2021-09-23/Views:12
ICYMI, the mullet haircut has been on a comeback tour for much of the last two years, most recently popping up in full force all over the red carpet at the VMAs. But in the spirit of this year's theme of reimagining once-divisive hairstyles, there's an all-new take on the mullet that's a combination of two of 2021's biggest hair trends: the "shullet."
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A new season is always a great excuse to switch things up. Whether it’s trying a new color, getting a bold hair cut or just adding a new hairstyle to the mix, the opportunity for a change is in the air. And while we prepare for cozy sweaters and a warm cup of Joe, we’ve seen a rising trend for curls, coils and everything in between this season. So, we tapped three hairstylists to give us the hottest natural hair trends for fall—plus all the products and tools you need to perfect the looks at home.
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