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The acceptance of this brand of Helena Rubinstein is not as high as Estee Lauder, Aquamarine, but the promotion of various self-media platforms in the past few years has become more and more widespread, gaining a lot of attention, I first used hr's green bottle and eye cream, after using the feeling is not obvious, a little sorry for the price. The relatively more popular day and night cream price is not expensive, so is it really repair, anti-aging use effect is very good?
Author:wu meijie/Date:2021-09-03/Views:62
Helena Rubinstein's brand is not as well accepted as Estee Lauder and La Mer. But in recent years, the promotion of various media platforms has been more and more widespread. Many of them have gained much attention. I used HR's green bottles and eye cream as the first time, and I felt sorry for that fucking great feeling.
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