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Some of Naiomi Glasses’s fondest childhood memories are centered around turquoise. Glasses—a Diné textile artist and weaver who recently showed her new rugs at the Santa Fe Indian Market—recalls seeing the fabulous turquoise pieces her grandmother Nellie would wear. “My late grandma was traditional, and she would say to wear your turquoise every day so that the ‘holy people’ would recognize you,” says Glasses. “There isn’t a single time I can remember her at home without at least her earrings, bracelet, and a brooch—even on days that she was just going to be home all day.”
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Jewelry has always had the role of the finishing touch, often an otherwise ordinary outfit, wearing an extraordinary piece of jewelry, will be able to brighten up the overall look. The classic style of jewelry will not have the worry of obsolescence than fashion and other items that are easily receding in popularity, and it is not like bags and other leather products that are delicate and easy to wear and break, so it can be said that the cost is great. This issue mainly introduces the major brands entry-level bracelets, bracelets.
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Just like Mathilde, the protagonist in Maupassant's story "The Necklace", no matter what the status of women, are yearning for jewelry. Jewelry is popular for many reasons: perhaps because of the material and design, perhaps because of the touching brand story behind it, perhaps because of celebrity power. Pandora has no century-old story, no luxury brand genes, no high-end materials, even just silver jewelry, but it has become popular both at home and abroad. Why would it be like a magic box full of magic, fascinating?
Every girl wants to be the queen of versatile style, both innocent and cute, but also fashionable and royal. In fact, it is very simple and easy to be versatile, you just need to change the style of dressing, and sometimes even just need to match different types and styles of jewelry, the whole temperament of the person will look different. So, girls should know more about fashion elements and dressing techniques.