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You've got about two more months until the first dance of the year, which means there's plenty of time to create, practice, and *perfect* your homecoming makeup look. Formal dances are amazing opportunities to unleash your inner beauty vlogger, so grab a brush and try the boldest 2021 makeup trends for yourself. Electric neons, shimmery metallics, and feathered brows are all going to be BIG this season, but don't be intimidated, because there are plenty of natural looks trending too.
Author:wu meijie/Date:2021-09-14/Views:43
If spring and summer day is a "pure and fresh girl", so autumn and winter is a temperament "temperament goddess". Lively colour suits chun xia, and qiu dong still needs certain heavy feeling, also be such on makeup look. Color of temperature of autumn and winter season is low, dress also slant dark, because this autumn and winter makeup look needs to depend on this foundation more show spirit, show color!