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The pure dry goods makeup tips that girls need to know, which I also share from the experience of many years of makeup artist summary, are pure dry goods, it is recommended that we all collect, stay slowly look.
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It can be said that now most girls will draw eyeshadow, out of makeup rarely will not draw eyeshadow. That beginners how to draw eyeshadow? How to match the color is more appropriate?
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It's obvious that many people are wearing makeup, but they can't see any makeup or any other noticeable changes other than their face is a bit pale. This kind is "ineffective makeup". It looks like makeup that wastes time without any effect. Many makeup artists are facing the situation of "ineffective makeup". So, what should we do to improve it?
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Many makeup novices will be very confused when facing the problem of eye bags. They don't know where to start. In fact, they can completely cover the eye bags as long as they use some makeup tips. Let's introduce the eye makeup methods often used by makeup artists.
Tip 1: How to make a solid foundation?Spray about 4 pumps of setting makeup spray on your hand, squeeze out proper amount of foundation and mix with the setting makeup spray, stir and stir with beauty eggs, stir and apply directly on your face; After the full makeup is finished, spray it again.
It is very popular to wear make-up to reduce your age, but many people find that they look older after using make-up than before. Why is that? This could be because you've fallen into one of the following myths. In fact, makeup can be said to be a double-edged sword, painting well can give you extra points, but if the painting is not good, the consequences will be their own.
Be sure to clamp your eyelashes when applying mascara, otherwise your eyelashes will "press" your eyes, making them look small; Brush mascara with spiral brush a few times, the root is clear. If you get eye shadow from mascara, spin it off with a cotton swab.
Nowadays more and more people are wearing makeup, not just girls, but many guys are also going out with makeup! Makeup can be a good way to cover up deficiencies and leave a better impression. I do not know if you have found, whether in the TV series, or in real life, the base makeup translucent and shiny, will make the whole person look very youthful girl.
Today we bring you lip makeup, blush, and some other tips, let's take a look!1. the tip of the lipstick is used to draw the lip line2. apply a piece of lipstick, sip off with paper, and then apply a piece of color will be easy to fall off.3. do not like the lipstick, you can try overlaying other colors, oh, there may be unexpected effects.4. the color number of the deeper lipstick, only apply half, and then use cotton swabs to stain the transition to the edge, will be more natural Oh.