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Every year, once after mid-autumn, we are busy adding clothes and preparing for the seasonal skin care, in fact, the makeup will follow some seasonal changes.
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Makeup brushes are generally an aid we use when applying makeup, because there are some makeup products directly by hand, then it is very bad to apply makeup, but also may cause the phenomenon of makeup does not fit, this time you need to use some makeup brushes to apply makeup, makeup brushes are more types, each type has their different uses.
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Many people usually in makeup and skin care, Will inadvertently offend some skin care mistakes. Such mistakes seem to be nothing. But in fact, the damage to the skin is great, Without further ado, here to see if you are so.
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But in fact, a good makeup brush is enough to make your makeup to achieve the effect of the reverse! So if you want to be a sophisticated girl, you still can't do without makeup brushes. But the question is, with so many types of makeup brushes, how exactly do you find the right one for you? For those of you who don't have any ideas on how to pick one, we recommend learning about Shu Uemura's non-marking makeup brushes.
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They say you don’t truly understand something until you’ve experienced it yourself, and that’s certainly been true for me. After spending nearly a decade writing about beauty, I have only recently come to know how challenging it can be to find beauty products that won’t irritate sensitive skin.
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Even without an actual red carpet, life — and all its little moments — can feel glamorous. We've teamed up with Clinique to create Award-Worthy Glam 24/7, a series of stories sharing how women bring red carpet energy into their everyday lives, no matter the occasion.
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Makeup can be said to be a compulsory course for every girl, you can not be beautiful, but you can not not makeup. Then for many makeup beginners, the order of makeup is indeed a very headache, today small sugar to give you a basic makeup order, in the end, what kind of.
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In addition to mastering certain makeup skills, people who can really do makeup also need to master a lot of makeup common sense. The following small share some common sense makeup, come and see!
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I found from the age of 25, the days go a little faster in the heart, but can feel the passage of time is a wonderful thing, missed what, and what have, so do not want to just glimpse that little beauty in life, and now like things, of course, is no longer a momentary pleasure in the long years.
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In recent years, with the increase in awareness of skin care, "sensitive skin" is getting more and more attention. The so-called sensitive skin, is the skin to the external perception of the ability is very strong, but the resistance is very weak, a little careless skin will appear a variety of problems (redness, dryness, itching, stinging, etc.).
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Makeup is a compulsory course for every woman, not to mention what natural beauty, vegetarian beauty, that is a lie, you see, everyone pursues the nude makeup is not a pseudo-vegetarian state?
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While this year’s Met gala invited attendees to—first and foremost—contemplate American fashion, no look was complete without an expertly calibrated beauty look. The theme, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” and exhibition embody themes of joy, rebellion, and nostalgia—feelings that were mirrored in the myriad hair and makeup looks tonight.
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If there’s one thing everyone knows about weddings, it’s that all eyes are always on the bride – so from head to toe, looking luminous is essential. One make-up artist who has played a key role in countless beautiful bridal moments is Hannah Martin. Widely understood to be the expert hands behind the Duchess of Cambridge’s radiant wedding day look in 2011, alongside numerous other members of the royal family since, she dubs 2021 the year of the “DIY bride”, with many women opting to do their own make-up due to Covid. Here, she shares her tricks of the trade .
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