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How do you find the best mascara? It can feel like a minefield, particularly given the number of options on the market – and there are almost as many ways to apply it, from zig-zagging through your eyelashes to prepping them first with a curler. Finding the best mascara for you is all a matter of deciding what effect you’re after.
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Many girls will also have the habit of hoarding goods. Some cosmetics can't be used up within the shelf life and feel it's a pity to throw them away, but we don't know whether expired cosmetics can continue to be used. Today, let's find out whether cosmetics can be used after expiration.
Be sure to clamp your eyelashes when applying mascara, otherwise your eyelashes will "press" your eyes, making them look small; Brush mascara with spiral brush a few times, the root is clear. If you get eye shadow from mascara, spin it off with a cotton swab.