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Now we have more and more importance to the appearance, and the acceptance of the medical beauty project is also much higher. Some people do not know it well or are cheap, and the organization that they go to may be very mistaken.
For those who want to do these medical beauty projects, you "found the treasure" (no exaggeration), which is the summary of my clinical experience over the years. Thank you!
These are video screenshots from the game, and the contrast is obvious. The little sister's previous problems of facial flabby and skin collapse around the eyes have been significantly improved, and her appearance level has been improved by more than one step. She also freely admits to doing a series of medical beauty projects, and seriously replies to netizens on her own micro blog about this knowledge, many netizens have advised her to become a beauty blogger.
look at the formal license of beauty salon license is complete, and the original business license is hung in an obvious position of the business site, the brand plaque is standardized and legal, and the service mark is set up in line with the requirements of city appearance.
Geratte is suitable for all skin types, people over the age of 20 to 30, 40 years old to do it, but it is not recommended for younger and older beauty lovers to do geratte, younger is not necessary to do it, older do not have any beauty effect. The proper age for gerati is between 25 and 60, whether it's for maintenance (to stay young) or for fighting aging (to have symptoms of aging).
As a result of previous work, will contact a lot of plastic surgery hospitals, may be more than the circle of people outside the understanding of some insider, today to share with you to avoid stepping on the pit in the future.