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I love experimenting with nail polish. Some days I'll do multiple colors on one hand and squiggly dotted nail art on the other. Other days I'll paint one hand solid white and accessorize with funky nail stickers. I get great joy in the creativity and often text a photo to my mom and sisters, boasting about the finished product. Usually they love it. But every now and then, when my olive-toned skin features red nails, my South African mom will reply, "Don't you think that's a bit devilish?"
Author:wu meijie/Date:2021-09-23/Views:29
The correct steps to apply nail polish, and of course, the steps to remove it! The correct method and steps to remove the nail can minimize the damage to the nail, and customers will not always complain about "the more thin"!
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Women who love beauty, always can not ignore any number of details. A pair of good-looking hands can enhance your temperament and face value. Nowadays, many girls like to do nail art, not only to make hands look more smooth and delicate, but also more fashionable and gorgeous colors. So do you know what are the steps to do nail art? Can you make a good-looking direct at home by yourself? In fact, only a few simple steps, you can make a good-looking nail shape, love the beauty of the baby together to look over it.
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