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The previous part of the makeup list is shared. This makeup bag also basically covers all the items I need to use in my daily life, shooting and attending events, from foundation to eye shadow, mascara, to lip brushes, double eyelid stickers and other gadgets.
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How should boys protect their skin? This article systematically tells you. If you have an urgent need in this area, or a girl is going to buy some good skin care products for her boyfriend, you can take a closer look( There will be a single product at the end of the article (planting grass). So don't talk more nonsense. Let's start right away~~
If you are someone with oily skin, we understand how much effort goes into maintaining the glow of the skin, especially during monsoon.
The easiest way to put your best face forward is to shop specifically for your skin type. After all, not all skin-care products are formulated with oily, dry, sensitive, or combination skin in mind.