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The infinite, deep, far-reaching blue is dedicated to the visionary man. It is a fragrance that exudes unrestrained masculine charm. The enchanting woody amber notes represent a salute to freedom. A masculine and unyielding will is expressed in the toughness of cedar. The intoxicating woody aroma naturally harbors an untamed and unruly scent. The deep, dark blue bottle is also a point I particularly like, send boyfriend to send dad is a good choice.
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louis vuitton in collaboration with the well-known architect frank gehry, has created a new fragrance series, dubbed les-extraits collection, which will be launched this fall. taking its cue from the original vuitton fragrance bottle designed by marc newson, the architect played with curves, stretching its form and adding a charming elliptical shape to the right part of the bottle. furthermore, each flacon embossed by the brand logo, is topped by a sculptural cap, mimicking a crumpled paper, made from aluminum sheets.
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Recently there are always babies in the background private letter I said summer do not want to have a sweaty body, to see the perfume recommendations, no problem, how can not to meet your little wish it!
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Dear Perfume and Cologne Wearing People: I have some really good advice for you. Put down the bottle. I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear your favorite scent, I’m only suggesting that maybe you should wear less of it. You don’t actually need as much as you think. They say you become so used to the scent of your own perfume, that you almost become immune to the smell. They may be right.
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Send girls perfume you can not avoid 5 choices, Versace Pink Diamond smells good and lasting, black opium is too sweet and greasy
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For most girls, perfume is something that can enhance personal charm, as the saying goes, "smell the fragrance and know the woman", by means of perfume, can always give for us to pass too much with all the interactive message about beauty. And perfume can be a good way to awaken our deep human need for beauty, from the smell of a girl's perfume, but also a good way to determine how her taste. If you want to enhance your personal charm and leave a deep impression, of course, the prerequisite is to have a perfume that smells good, lasts and suits you.
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YSl Black Opium 50ml is a legendary fragrance that can make men want to die and become addicted to the smell of poison! Sweet as love, bitter as life black as death if you are used to a cup of vanilla coffee in the cold winter afternoon, then this Ysl Black Opium may be your cup of tea now fashionable berries + patchouli + vanilla gourmand floral combination!
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Finding your signature scent takes some trial and error, but once you find the one, it feels like a match made in heaven. The best perfume for women isn’t the same for everyone, and depending on your preferences, you may want something a little muskier and more androgynous or something more floral and feminine.
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Follow these tips to know how to choose the perfect perfume for yourself.
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When it comes to fresh and elegant perfume, our first response is to aquatic tone, floral tone, a light wafting fragrance to refresh people, but also with the taste of a woman with powder, must be a must-have bottle. The first thing you need to do is to get into the subject.
Lancome perfume is a very good perfume in France. Its perfume has six different series, and the miracle perfume series is one of them. The miracle perfume has three different flavors, and the fragrance of each fragrance is different. So what's good about Lancome miracle perfume? Let's take a look at the three Lancome miracle perfume.
The fashion and beauty tips of royal family members are hot topics for discussion! Here are 9 Royal Women's favorite perfume, including Princess Diana, Princess Kate, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, Queen Letizia of Spain.
Burberry is a luxury brand with very British traditional style. It was founded in 1856 and has a strong British culture. Its "windbreaker" is famous all over the world as a brand logo, has won the hearts of countless people and has become an eternal brand“ The grid element is the symbolic element of Burberry, applied to clothes, umbrellas, scarves and even perfume bottles.
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