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Tanning and whitening have always been hot topics, and there is no escape from sunscreen. Now, it's summer, and sunscreen is the top priority. Let's introduce those things about sunscreen today.
The first thing we notice when communicating with people in our daily life is the eyes, and they are the windows to the soul, while the state of the eye skin is also the most likely to reveal the age. The eye skin how to care for it? Here's how to find out!
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This sunscreen contains six chemical sunscreen ingredients, equipped with the brand's patented wheat filter sunscreen technology, can protect against 98% of UV radiation; four major protection formula, full sun protection at the same time, there is protection against haze, PM2.5 role; added hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients to increase the sense of refreshing use, the skin feel and protection ability to achieve the ultimate balance.
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Modern women are under great pressure in the workplace, coupled with the electronic radiation of the environment and the impact of using electronic products, they will have a little dark skin. If they don't rest well, they are more likely to have dark skin. Using the best foundation fluid also helps little. At this time, I was recommended to give me a good cream product, after use, sincerely evaluate, you deserve a try.
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Word on beauty street is that there's this lipstick that looks good on anyone who tries it. No matter your skin tone, age, or even style, it's supposed to work with your skin undertones and look effortlessly selected. Sounds like a tall order, but that's exactly the reason why Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is such a beauty staple.
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Another day, another advent calendar here to get you ready for the holiday season. This time, it's from one of skin care's most trusted, household names: Kiehl's. The brand's high-quality moisturizers and facial masks have been a go-to for beauty lovers and celebs alike for years, thanks to its science-backed ingredients and thoughtful formulas. And if you've hoping to try some of its most iconic products for your beauty cabinet, you're in for a real treat this year.
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As we transition into fall, it's not the skin on your face that needs protection (I mean, yes, it does—but there are other parts of your body that could use a barrier against cold, dry weather). The crisp autumn air can really wreak havoc on your hands' moisture levels. Not to mention, mundane tasks like taking a hot shower or washing dishes can also leave your hands parched on a daily basis if you're not careful. That's part of the reason why having a go-to hand cream can be so essential for your skin-care routine.
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Sheree Whitfield is under glow-up construction ahead of her return to RHOA. She recently shared the details of her latest cosmetic procedure.
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This week, we hear from New Zealander Emma Lewisham, who started her own skincare brand after realising there was nothing on the market that was natural, science-led and met her expectations on sustainability. Here’s how she does it.
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In the process of raising children, the newborn period is the first overwhelming stage faced by mothers and fathers. A delicate new life, feeding and caring for all aspects of high demand, is indeed a great challenge for new parents. A newborn's immune system is unstable, and problems can easily arise if any step of care is not in place for eating, drinking and pulling. Any needs of such a small baby are conveyed through crying, and inexperienced mothers and fathers may not be the first to know what is happening to their baby.
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About a month before my wedding, I journeyed to three cosmetic stores in my Brooklyn neighborhood to see what each recommended to reduce fine lines and redness, and to help my skin glow.
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Some people say that serum is a woman's favorite, no matter what age, beauty girls can not escape the clutches of serum, 20 years old with moisturizing, acne; 30 years old with whitening, anti-aging; 40 years old with anti-aging, wrinkle; 50 years old with wrinkle, wrinkle; 60 years old with wrinkle, wrinkle; anyway, no matter what your age, a good serum you must have, and also more than one bottle.
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In the grand skincare hierarchy, face toners for men rank as a welcome extra at best, but the truth is that a good one (or, indeed, a bad one) can make (or break) your skin care regime.
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