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Tanning and whitening have always been hot topics, and there is no escape from sunscreen. Now, it's summer, and sunscreen is the top priority. Let's introduce those things about sunscreen today.
This sunscreen contains six chemical sunscreen ingredients, equipped with the brand's patented wheat filter sunscreen technology, can protect against 98% of UV radiation; four major protection formula, full sun protection at the same time, there is protection against haze, PM2.5 role; added hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients to increase the sense of refreshing use, the skin feel and protection ability to achieve the ultimate balance.
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The bb cream is no stranger to many people in, because bb cream has both skin care benefits and hold makeup effect by many girls sought after, many girls can not resist the temptation to take home. Some people say bb cream is the best choice for "lazy women", which actually shows how convenient and fast bb cream is. The actual bb cream is a great way to get the most out of the bb cream.
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The summer heat, people have changed into the cool shorts, short sleeves. In the face of the "hot" sun, how to protect our skin, avoid tanning sunburn, become a crowd of "white to glow" people? The following is to learn together with a few practical sun protection methods.
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A well-dressed man looks his best at all times and doesn't neglect any part of himself, including his skin. Skin is the body's largest organ, accounting for 16 percent of the body. There are basically four types of skin care available for men: washing, exfoliating, moisturizing and sunscreen. If you want the healthiest skin, two of them (washing and moisturizing) are mandatory, while the other two (exfoliating and sunscreen) are optional.
Hot summer wants skin good, prevent bask in the job same cannot little! Many girls don't know how to choose between spray sunscreen and sunscreen. Dear girls, today we're going to reveal which is better, spray or sunscreen, and what's the difference? Let's have a look at it
Wear sunscreen clothes hot into a dog, do not wear sunscreen clothes black charcoal, holding the air conditioning blow all over cramps, turn off the air conditioning and like sauna good season.
What is beauty? Eyebrow like catkins exhibition, eyes such as blue water mei. Skin if ice muscle fat, body tilt posture. Among them if the skin coags fat is to describe the skin white, summer arrived, who does not want to wear a small skirt to show white skin? But the sun, free radicals and so on can attack healthy skin.
In fact, if you don't apply enough sunscreen, your protection from the sun can be drastically reduced! This ah, brought about you in invalid prevent bask in, finally imperceptible black......
As long as people put on the sunscreen properly, lotion and spray-on sunscreen have the same coverage and protection, said EltaMD Skincare account manager Roseanne Kahn.
If you’ve ever tried your hand at baking, you’ve probably found yourself reading through a recipe and wondering why exactly the butter and sugar have to go before the eggs.
Called Sunscreen, this new summer perfume from Comme des Garçons and LA streetwear label ERL smells like a beach party in a bottle.