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On June 29, European jewellery brand APM Monaco (" APM ") filed an application to list on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. According to the prospectus data, the total revenue of APM in 2020 was HK $1.92 billion, with a year-on-year growth of about 4.5%, among which The Chinese mainland became the largest market, accounting for 57.2% of the total revenue.
Once a girl has something she likes, she can be in a good mood for days. Recently photograph was in necklace of modelling of angel of dream of swarovski, acquired decisively, really the person sees person kua too beautiful! This necklace, whether I first saw it, or wear it every day again, will feel too amazing! This necklace is a gift I gave to myself.
Every girl wants to be the queen of versatile style, both innocent and cute, but also fashionable and royal. In fact, it is very simple and easy to be versatile, you just need to change the style of dressing, and sometimes even just need to match different types and styles of jewelry, the whole temperament of the person will look different. So, girls should know more about fashion elements and dressing techniques.
All it took was a pearl earring for pundits to deign the 2019 Met Ball a watershed moment in men’s style. When Harry Styles stepped onto the gala’s pink carpet with a lone pearl dangling from his right lobe, many heard the creak of an open door, heralding an era of flamboyance within menswear – particularly when it came to jewellery.