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This month I went to experience the ultrasound knife, in fact, this ultrasound knife I did together with Thermage, why do I say ultrasound knife together with Thermage? The reason is that the ultrasonic knife for our facial level is relatively deep, it can reach 4.5 mm below the fascial layer, so for the deep facial lifting is a better effect.
Her super tight jawline makes me envious, anti-aging jawline tightening, nothing better than Thermage and Fotona4D, rumor has it that 3 times Fotona4D is equal to 1 time Thermage. The two anti-aging devices are very different in principle, but the ultimate goal is the same.
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Ageing is a privilege. That being said, it’s normal to want to slow down the process here and there. If your skin has lost its bounce, or you have a few more wrinkles and fine lines than you’d like, Thermage skin tightening could make a visible difference.
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Double eyelids, Thermage, photorejuvenation, gold micro-needles, face slimming needles ...... This Spring Festival, in situ New Year's Eve young people flocked to medical beauty institutions to arrange their holidays in a clear manner. The actual new year's new face, beautiful a whole year" slogan, hanging "business as usual during the Spring Festival" slogan, launch Spring Festival special activities, to attract more "original year people". "The company's main goal is to provide a new look for its customers.
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Previously, some of my partners had left a comment under the post of Neng Neng, thinking that the effect was not as good as I described, and even doubted whether they had played a fake instrument. The reason is that my face was filled with fat before and Thermage is better for fleshy faces. 
Thermage addresses the look and feel of aging skin in the face and body. It treats lax and loose skin on the face and neck, the abdomen, buttocks, arms, knees, thighs.
Treatment times for noninvasive procedures that treat aging skin can take less than 90 minutes and require little to no downtime.