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Tanning and whitening have always been hot topics, and there is no escape from sunscreen. Now, it's summer, and sunscreen is the top priority. Let's introduce those things about sunscreen today.
Whitening is a cause that almost every woman needs to struggle for life, and pink and white beautiful skin is what every woman wants to have. However, the blemishes spots on the face, including not only spots but also the marks left after the acne healing, although they all look dark and dull, the way to remove them is very different. If you don't understand the spots on your face blindly whitening even if you use the best whitening products will be ineffective. Here's a look at the 4 different types of spots, and then the right remedy to return your fair and beautiful skin.
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The thing about whitening have talked a lot, about the product also recommended a lot, there we mention whitening will think of the ace whitening ingredients niacinamide, as well as the last recommended whitening ingredients specializing in the treatment of natural yellow dark skin 377 fierce medicine.
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Many women have a herd mentality that triggers irrational consumption. This is not long ago, my girlfriend just came back from Sanya asked me, said she rummaged through the drawer, actually found in the drawer or 3.8 day counter to do activities to buy Estee Lauder whitening serum, said the purchase price of more than 1000, used a period of time did not become white put into the drawer, this is not Sanya back skin tanning, rummaging through the drawer actually found it again, asked me how I should use to have an effect?
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As the saying goes, a white cover 100 ugly, this can be seen the importance of whitening to MM, however, want white water tender skin to find a method, not everyone can do natural beauty, Nikisho sorted out a few of the most effective whitening methods, to learn together.
Human beings are not all alike in their sadness and happiness, for example, those who are born with good skin, how can they understand the pain of poor skin! It is really unbearable to see your own pores so big that you can plant rice seedlings; sometimes your skin is so bad that you don't feel confident, and you use the newly cut bangs to cover the closed mouth on your forehead
What is beauty? Eyebrow like catkins exhibition, eyes such as blue water mei. Skin if ice muscle fat, body tilt posture. Among them if the skin coags fat is to describe the skin white, summer arrived, who does not want to wear a small skirt to show white skin? But the sun, free radicals and so on can attack healthy skin.
In fact, if you don't apply enough sunscreen, your protection from the sun can be drastically reduced! This ah, brought about you in invalid prevent bask in, finally imperceptible black......