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I've always felt that there's been a lot of writing about skin care, and from my point of view it really covers everything you can think of. But there are still a lot of people who keep asking questions. The question that was asked most recently: winter is good dry ah, have easy to use hydrating facial mask can recommend?
Do you feel that winter face is particularly easy to dry also dandrish after using foundation not long after the feeling of flox powder card grain is a lot of spring and summer for skin care products cosmetics have become not so comfortable, this time not only need to replace these cosmetics, but also need to master some small skills of winter skin care beauty makeup.
Nowadays, more and more men begin to pay attention to the appearance, especially pay attention to the skin cleaning and maintenance, skin care is not a woman's patent, is ushering in a new "he" era. But industry personages remind men, must according to own skin quality characteristic, choose "special" skin care products, such ability has the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort.
In the north, the weather has four distinct seasons. Entering October, the temperature drops sharply and the air becomes drier and drier. This is followed by a large number of people who suffer from skin problems due to improper skin care. In our dermatology clinic, we see a large number of patients with itchy skin and hypolipic eczema.
After wearing masks for nearly a year, some people's faces seem to be "overwhelmed", while others are still experiencing good and bad skin conditions. Entering winter, dry weather has worsened the problem of "mask face". In recent years, the skin care products "produced" by the dermatology department of many large third-class a hospitals are well known, and are praised as "Internet celebrity skin care products" on social media, with a large number of customers.
Dry, peeling, itching, redness... Many people encountered similar skin problem in winter, how should protect skin? Winter skin care 30 tips, a package for you ~1.Wash your face 1-2 times a day for oily skin and acne muscle. It is recommended to choose a cleanser containing mild ingredients such as amino acids.2.Dry skin is dry and tight, you can wash your face with water only, wash your face 1-2 times a day.3,Wash your face with hot water can't dilate pores. If the water temperature is too high, be careful of the red bloodshot creeping up your face.
Winter is coming, facial skin is easy to become sensitive and delicate, at the same time by the weather is easy to dry peeling and other problems. Therefore, winter skin care is generally biased to hydrating moisture, improve the skin lost moisture, let the skin easily cope with dry and cold winter. Let's take a look at what winter skin care should pay attention to!