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YSl Black Opium 50ml is a legendary fragrance that can make men want to die and become addicted to the smell of poison! Sweet as love, bitter as life black as death if you are used to a cup of vanilla coffee in the cold winter afternoon, then this Ysl Black Opium may be your cup of tea now fashionable berries + patchouli + vanilla gourmand floral combination!
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Achieving a dewy, light-reflecting complexion is possible without waiting for golden hour to strike or looking like an oil slick. The enviable glass skin effect is at your fingertips with the right makeup products and techniques. Here, we’re sharing how to get your glow on in five simple steps.
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Canmake this #06 recommended to the fairies who are still studying, want to add some color and do not want to be found by the director of education, pick it!The sweet but not greasy cinnamon black tea color, the texture is very moist, without lip balm primer can also be smoothly applied on the color. A thin layer of the coating already has a Japanese miscellaneous internal taste .
For dry skin, finding a favorite makeup product is too difficult. The concealer is easy to dry. It is easy to maintain good makeup time, and it is easy to dry in summer. An air cushion or BB cream can be passed. But in autumn and winter, we have to put moisture in the first place.
Lipstick as an indispensable part of makeup, but also our whole makeup appearance, believe everyone think so, but let's a lot of women in choosing a lipstick stumped, because she doesn't know what you need, for what, so choose a suitable own makeup lipstick is a not easy thing.
When it comes to YSL (Saint Laurent Saint Laurent), most people must be very familiar with its makeup, especially lipstick. However, compared with makeup, YSL also has a significant position in the field of clothing and bags, especially the NIKI series launched in spring 2018, which can be said to be the most representative of YSL style bags.
Raise your hand if you've ever painstakingly created a glowing summer makeup look only to have it melt off the moment you step outside. Keeping your products on the lighter side is the way to go, and that's where YSL's Summer Skin Duo comes in.
Nearly 30 years after its launch, Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Éclat All-Over Brightening Pen is found in beauty bags throughout the world.